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Take your home to the next level with a Pollock residential elevator. If you have accessibility concerns and choose to age in place, installing an elevator will make navigating your home more manageable. Pollock Lifts Shaftless Elevators have been manufactured by Pollock for 35 years. Pollock offers three different sizes of their residential elevators: 

  • Compact-a single person elevator 
  • Twin-it is still compact but fits two people comfortably 
  • The wheelchair-the largest of the three- holds anyone in a wheelchair, so they can easily maneuver through their home. 

The travel distance of the elevator is 13 feet 9 inches. So, the elevator can fit in most homes. In addition, the elevator travels on rails, which means you have open living space when the lift is not in the room. It is manufactured with the highest safety standards. 

Additional Benefits of Pollock Elevators

We offer quick elevator installations and can usually get them installed in a matter of days. The installation team gets in and out, leaving your property better than it looked before the installation. 

There is a full warranty. In the unlikely event the elevator breaks down, the lifts come with a 12-month warranty for all parts and labor. Our support team is also available for you 365 days a year, 24 hours a day. 

If there is a power outage, the elevator has a dedicated battery backup, so it will always return to the ground floor. Then using a manual lever, you can open the doors and exit the elevator. 

Here are just a few of the standard features you can expect with your Pollock elevator: 

  • Traction drive 
  • Quiet Travel 
  • Safety/sensor edges 
  • Self-leveling if floors are uneven 
  • Wireless remote control 
  • Soft start and stop 
  • Large vision panels with LED lighting

You can also add optional extras such as: 

  • Faster motor 
  • In elevator phone 
  • Handrails 
  • Heavy Duty Capacity 
  • Mood lighting 
  • Tip-up Seat 
  • Power-operated door 

Pollock Elevators Near Me

The Pollock elevators originated in England, but you can find them specifically at Next Day Access. At Next Day Access, we aim to provide as many accessibility and mobility options as possible. In addition, we understand that you would probably rather age at home than go to a nursing home, so we offer several products that help you age at home comfortably and safely. 

Once someone suffers from a stroke, they often develop new limitations or a physical disability. Their first challenge is transitioning back home from the hospital or skilled nursing unit.  Since a stroke comes with no warning, the house may not be equipped for new disabilities and physical challenges.

Nearly one-third of stroke survivors are permanently disabled after their stroke. This means they are no longer able to do many of the things they did previously without assistance.

Home Modifications for Stroke Survivors: 6 Helpful Ideas

To help stroke survivors transition home more smoothly, caregivers should evaluate the home for modifications to support the stroke survivor and make them feel safe and comfortable at home. Here are six tips for home modifications for stroke survivors that will make the transition easier for them.


Reorganize to accommodate mobility aids. If the stroke survivor needs a wheelchair, Next Day Access has an abundance of wheelchairs or scooters to help them better maneuver the home. We also provide many styles of wheelchair ramps. If the home has stairs, we also offer various stairlifts.

We even have porch lifts that can raise the wheelchair user to the patio or porch level of a home. Be prepared to rearrange furniture to make room for wheelchairs, walkers, or other mobility aids. 

Modify the Bathroom

Get to work in the bathroom. Install grab bars and shower handles. Wet slippery surfaces can cause issues for most, but they can be especially disastrous for someone with a physical impairment. Invest in a shower stool and non-slip mats for the bathroom.

At Next Day Access, we can easily install a walk-in tub. Walk-in tubs help tremendously when trying to avoid slips when entering the tub area. 

Change the Bed

Modify the bed. Sometimes a standard bed may be too low for stroke survivors to get into safely and comfortably. You can raise the bed with bed risers or rent an adjustable hospital bed.

There are all sorts of adjustable beds on the market today if you would rather the room not have a hospital look. You will also want to look into bed rails to keep your loved one from falling out of bed overnight. 

Rearrange the Kitchen

Reposition items in the kitchen. Make sure things used daily are convenient to reach and consider changing the knobs on cabinets to pull knobs. You can also have cabinets with drawers that slide out for easier reach. Another tip is to place pantry items or dishes in lower cabinets. 

Reconfigure the Changing Area

Reorganize the closet and dressing area. Add a chair into the wardrobe so your loved one can sit comfortably while dressing and have clothes hanging low in the closet for easier access. 

Add Dressing Aids

Include dressing aids in the closet. You can purchase zipper pullers and button hook aids, grabbing tools for out of reach items, shoehorns to help put on shoes, and many other devices to help your loved one feel more independence and privacy while changing. 

How Next Day Access Can Help

At Next Day Access, we are more than prepared to help you figure out everything you need to modify the home for stroke survivors. Even if the stroke survivor is expected to make a full recovery, we have items you can rent to ease their return home.

If your loved one is not likely to make a full recovery, we provide an abundance of mobility equipment and accessibility devices at fantastic prices. These products help the stroke survivor regain a feeling of independence at home while also staying safe.

Our experts are happy to set up an in-home consultation to walk you through the house, showing you precisely the necessary modifications. We also have an installation team that works quickly and efficiently if you need things installed immediately.

When a stroke happens, we hope you will contact us as soon as possible. We will do all we can to provide you with the knowledge and products you need for your new normal. 

MEMPHIS, TENN. JULY 14, 2022 – Next Day Access, a leading provider of accessibility and mobility solutions for residences and commercial businesses, announces its partnership with Smart Alert Tech, a new and subscription-free monitoring system.

The partnership allows Next Day Access franchises to offer customers a simple and unobtrusive way to monitor a loved one’s daily life and only be alerted to interruptions in their routine. The monitoring system works by downloading the app, pairing the plug or sensor, and setting up the alarm. Customers receive a push notification if there’s a change in the loved one’s pattern.

“We are excited and proud to partner with Next Day Access,” said Andrew Witherspoon, Co-Owner of Smart Alert Tech. “Our products help people stay in their homes and live independently while empowering family members and care-workers to keep check of their loved ones without costly monitoring fees. Instead of being inundated with constant alerts and notifications, our Smart Monitoring System will only alert potential problems and breaks in daily routines.”

“Many of our customers are caretakers whose concerns are their parents living alone and not being able to monitor them,” said Dave Clark, President of Next Day Access. “With Smart Alert Tech, customers can unobtrusively monitor their loved ones so they can safely and independently age in place.”

About Smart Alert Tech

Smart Alert Tech provides innovative technology to give peace of mind to families everywhere.  With the new Smart Monitoring System, only receive notifications when there is cause for concern.  No hidden fees, no contracts – just a simple, straightforward way to keep check of those you care for most. Find out more at www.smartalerttech.com.

About Next Day Access

Next Day Access is a local provider for accessibility and mobility solutions for homes and commercial businesses. With franchise locations across the United States and Canada, their goal is to help aging loved ones and people with limited mobility and disabilities live safely, comfortably, and independently in their homes. Learn more by visiting www.nextdayaccess.com.

In Canada, every June is Brain Injury Awareness Month. The reason we honor those with brain injuries is to shine a light on an often-invisible illness.

It all began when brain injury associations across Canada came together to enlighten people about a disability that affects more than 1.5 million people in often complicated, unique, and challenging ways.

Why Run These Campaigns?

By running these campaigns in national, provincial, and local areas, the hope is the existing obstacles and the prevalence of brain injuries will make people see the need for more services and support at all stages of brain injury recovery.

The people behind the scenes of Brain Injury Awareness Month ask you to follow them on social media. They also ask you use the hashtags #ShineALightOnBrainInjury, #BrainInjuryAcrossAmerica, and #BrainInjuryAwarenessMonth.

What’s a Helpful Resource?

Brain injuries can happen to anyone, anywhere, and at any time. One can find comfort in knowing there is support for people dealing with this obstacle. One fantastic website with information is braininjurycanada.ca.

You can find different ways to get involved including helping with campaigns and raising money for research. You can also become knowledgeable on brain injuries and how you can provide assistance and care. The website even has a section dedicated to health care professionals. 

According to their website, Brain Injury Canada is a national charitable organization focused on education, awareness, and advocacy for the brain injury community. This resource site has been developed to be universally accessible and easy to navigate. It supports those living with acquired brain injury, their families/caregivers, and health care professionals. Prior to publication, all content on the website is first reviewed by one or more members of our Scientific Advisory Committee, all of whom have significant experience and are leading subject matter experts. Content is sourced using evidence-based resources included on source pages for your reference. 

How We Can Help

At Next Day Access, we urge you to check out the Brain Injury Canada website. You can also help those suffering from brain injuries. Additionally, we at Next Day Access offer several different equipment and devices to help anyone living with a disability.

We understand how difficult it can be to adjust to a brain injury or any other form of disability. Our goal is to provide you or your loved ones with accessibility and mobility equipment to create a comfortable home. We offer equipment to help and home modifications to help keep loved ones safe at home. Contact us today and let us help.

Grandparents are special people in our lives, so it is essential to show them we care. Every year our nation honors grandparents by dedicating the month of June to Care for Your Grandparents Month. Sometimes it is not always easy to show our appreciation to our grandparents.

Many of them do not want to be a bother to us, or it may seem they have everything they need. There are many ways we can celebrate them. Here are a few ways you can show you care: 

Provide Food

Take them out to dinner or cook them a nice meal. If you have small children, they can help prepare the meal. You could even see if you have a recipe from grandma to use for dinner. If your grandparents prefer to go out to dinner, take them to their favorite place. 

Visit Often

Stop by and visit often. If you live nearby, stop by their home to visit as often as possible. Grandparents do not get out like they once could and can feel lonely at home, especially since the Covid virus. If you feel safe doing so, stop by just to say hello, even if you are waving from the windows. This is an excellent opportunity to let them know they are on your mind. 

Send Mail

If your grandparents live far away, sending nice cards or letters are a lovely way to stay in touch. Of course, you should also call them to check up on them. Even if you only discuss the weather, the phone call will remind them that you think of them.  

Teach Technology

Teach them to use technology. Setting up an iPad for your grandparents could mean a lot. They will be able to converse freely and see pictures they may not see otherwise. This is a wonderful way to help them feel connected to the outside world. You can show them how to look up things that interest them. For example, if your grandfather is an avid bird watcher, you can show him websites he can visit to give him all the information he wants about birds.  

Help Clean

Help them clean around the house and the yard. As our grandparents get older, it is not as easy to mow the lawn, trim the hedges, sweep the floor, and put dishes away. We do not want our grandparents to feel uncomfortable in their home, and if a mess piles up, they are bound to get a little frustrated from the clutter. 

Modify Home

Make sure their home is safe and up to date on the home modifications they need as they age. If you notice a grandparent is unsteady on their feet, install grab bars in the bathroom or rails in the hallways. Is it time for a wheelchair ramp or a stairlift? Many people add modifications before they need them, so the cost does not hit them all at once when they do need them.  

At Next Day Access, we agree that grandparents are special, and we are honored to celebrate Care for Your Grandparents Month in June. If you notice your grandparents need any mobility equipment or they have accessibility concerns, we offer several solutions to keep them safe and comfortable at home.

From walk-in bathtubs to vehicle lifts we are sure to have whatever your grandparents need. Please check out all the products we offer to make your loved one feel more at ease and to give you peace of mind. 

These days, Canadians live longer, most even reaching the age of 100. Canada saw an increase of almost 26% in centenarians between 2006-2011. This increase is the second-highest increase among all age groups.

According to the Office of Actuary data, the average lifespan now for Canadians ages 65 and above is around 87 for men and 89 for women. Most of these aging adults would prefer to age in place.

What is Aging in Place?

Aging in place means having access to social support and health services to keep you safely living independently at home as you age. To age in place, you need to prepare your home to be safe and comfortable. “Plan for the future today to help you live the life you want tomorrow.” 

Here is an Aging in Place Checklist to help you determine if you are ready to age in place and to help you progress to a stage where you can easily live out your life at home.

An Aging In Place Checklist:

1. How is your health?

In Canada, there are laws allowing people close to you to make health care decisions for you if they feel you are not able to make decisions for yourself. It is good to check with your territory or province or speak to a lawyer about appointing someone you trust to make your healthcare decisions. Overall, how is your current health? 

  • Are you physically active? 
  • Do you eat nutritiously? 
  • Do you schedule routine appointments with your doctors, including eye doctors and dentists? 
  • Do you experience good mental health? For example, do you have bouts of depression or anxiety, and if so, will you take steps to address them? 
  • Do you limit your alcohol intake to a safe amount? 
  • Do you smoke? 
  • Do you limit alcohol when taking prescription medications that could interfere with alcohol? 
  • Do you regularly speak with your doctor about pre-existing medical conditions and the best way to receive treatment? 

If you choose to age in place, you must try to remain as healthy as possible. Electronic tools can remind you to take your medicine or perhaps give you steps for exercising at home. Etc. 

2. Is your home in good shape?

The shape of your home is a critical aspect of aging in place. As you age, your home will need to support your mobility and health needs adequately. Many aging adults choose to add accessibility equipment here and there to help make purchasing equipment a gradual expense.

You could start by adding grab bars in the bathroom or changing to a walk-in tub, putting solid handrails around the house, and eventually adding a wheelchair ramp. At Next Day Access, we offer nearly everything you need for your home to help you age in place safely and comfortably.

We can also install our products quickly whether you need a vehicle lift for your car or a stairlift, our installation team will see that you are safe in your home. 

It is also important that if you have foundation problems, roofing issues, or dry rot, you fix those soon. 

3. Do you have a good support group and community?

Do you have solid friendships or family nearby that could stop in to check on you? If not, can you afford to employ an at-home nurse if needed? Do you have an active social life so you will not feel lonely at home? If not, you should look into volunteering.

Volunteering will keep you connected with your community and is associated with increased happiness, longevity, and satisfaction for aging adults. 

4. Are you Safe?

Aging adults are at a higher risk for falls. Falls for aging adults are more severe and could cause a broken leg, hip bone, or other significant injuries. Therefore, it is essential that you are as safe as possible. Make sure you have slip-free bathmats in the bathroom, and if you become unsteady on your feet, invest in equipment like grab bars to keep you safe.

What do you need to do better to age in place comfortably and safely? Use this as a guide of what you need to work on so you can age in place gracefully. Be sure to contact us at Next Day Access when it is time to add accessibility devices to your home or if you need mobility equipment.

Our goal is to provide every solution available to help aging adults or individuals with mobility concerns live independently in their homes. 

For aging adults, the stairs in their homes can become too dangerous to navigate. They may have limited mobility, accessibility concerns, lack of stability, or weakened muscles. When the stairs seem too challenging, many aging adults may think it is time for an assisted living community or a home with no stairs. At Next Day Access, our goal is to find solutions so aging adults can age safely and comfortably at home. We offer various stairlifts, some even suit curved stairs. Many individuals do not realize how cost-effective it is to put in a stairlift rather than move. We can even have your stairlift installed in no time with as little intrusion on your day-to-day as possible. Other than stairlifts being cost-effective, here are a few other benefits you will find when choosing to install a stairlift: 

Stairlifts prevent injuries

Injury prevention is the most obvious benefit of installing a stairlift. You are less likely to slip and fall downstairs, which is the most common area that presents a high-risk fall. Just missing one step can result in a broken leg, hip, or other injuries. 

Stairlifts are easy to use

Stairlifts are extremely easy to operate. When using the stairlift, you sit on the seat, put on the seatbelt, and press the switch on the armrest. Once you are at the top of the stairs, release the switch, and the lift will come to a rest.  

If you find yourself at the top of the stairs but the stairlift is at the bottom, there are remotes you can leave upstairs and downstairs to send the stairlift to where it needs to be. 

Stairlifts are comfortable

You can purchase a lift with extra cushion, but most people feel the standard lift is already very comfortable. There is a stairlift called the Bruno Elite, which is considered the highest quality because the seat, back, and armrest all have padded cushions. 

Stairlifts restore independence

We once had an installer tearfully tell us about a sweet interaction with a customer. The customer was so thrilled with her stairlift because she was always stuck on the top floor, too afraid to go down the stairs for fear of falling. She was delighted she could now order a pizza since she had a stairlift! It’s such a simple thing, but having independence in your home is vital for your physical and mental health.

These are just a few of the benefits of installing a stairlift in your home. Our goal at Next Day Access is to help aging adults and individuals with mobility difficulties feel safe and comfortable at home. We are able to do this because we offer several solutions for accessibility concerns, including stairlifts, wheelchair ramps, porch lifts, and much more. Don’t hesitate to contact us today for all your mobility and accessibility needs. 

If you are the caretaker for an aging loved one, you must be vigilant when fall proofing your home. Fall prevention is an essential part of helping prevent falls in aging adults and keeping them safe and healthy.

Aging adults are already at a higher risk of falls due to various age-related risk factors. If a fall occurs, aging adults are at a much higher risk of serious injury and face a more challenging recovery process. 

At Next Day Access, we offer several accessibility and mobility devices to keep our aging loved ones from falling. Our goal is that your aging loved one can age safely in place.

Here are a few warning signs your loved one might not be as steady on their feet. If you notice any of these signs, we urge you to contact us so we can help. 

Warning Signs to Help Prevent Falls in Aging Adults:

  1. A decline in eyesight or hearing 
  1. Poor balance when walking, possibly with an uneven gait 
  1. Injuries, pain or stiffness in feet, ankles, knees, or hips 
  1. Relying on support when walking, sitting down, or getting up 
  1. Newly diagnosed conditions such as Parkinson’s, Diabetes, Arthritis, or Hypertension. 
  1. Cognitive impairment or dementia 
  1. New prescriptions with side effects include drowsiness, muscle weakness, poor balance, poor vision, or dizziness. 

Avoid Slip Hazards or Obstacles

  • Steps without handrails and proper lighting 
  • Showers and bathtubs without a non-slip tread rug 
  • Hard to reach important items 
  • Hallways without proper nighttime lighting 
  • Any loose items or rugs could be a trip hazard 

Next Day Access offers almost everything you need to keep your aging loved one safe. We have everything from grab bars for the bathroom, railings for hallways and steps, and even stair lifts and wheelchair ramps. Contact us today to set up a complimentary consultation. 

When someone has a disability, getting into a pool can be a struggle and unsafe. Pool lifts are assistive aquatic access devices designed for people with disabilities or limited mobility who need help getting into a pool safely.

At Next Day Access, we offer a variety of pool lifts, and we understand deciding which lift is best for you can be confusing. Here are some tips on choosing the right pool lift for your home.

How To Choose a Pool Lift for Your Home

Portable or Fixed?

At times, customers prefer a pool lift that does not require permanent installation. In this case, a portable lift might be best since it can be stored or moved when not in.

If you would rather not worry have to store it, you would likely prefer a fixed pool lift. 

What type of disability support will you need?

If you have arthritis or a weakened lower body, you may not need a pool lift with foot and headrests. Most pool lifts are designed for people who lack a full range of motion or control of their limbs. We recommend a chair featuring an armrest, back, neck, and leg support along with a secure belting system. 

Weight Capacity

Any ADA-compliant pool lift must support a minimum of 300 pounds. You can, however, find pool lifts designed for bariatric use that will hold up to 450 pounds. 

Power Source

You have three options for operating your pool lift. You can opt for a manual lift with a hand crank, a hydraulic lift that harnesses the pool’s water pressure, or a battery-operated lift. 

The portable lift is always battery-operated due to its design. If you plug it into a power source between uses, you can recharge the battery. A properly cared for pool lift battery can last up to 5 years.


You can find pool lifts in various styles, even stylish, sleek, and low-profile versions. People that want to keep their pool deck tranquil usually go for a sleeker pool lift.

Design details such as lift installation permanence and rotating systems make a difference in the aesthetics of your lift. If an individual needs more support using the pool lift, consider the additional features you will need for the lift. 

Next Day Access has many options available to access your spa or pool. Our pool lifts are economical and ADA compliant with sleek, low-profile designs. Contact us today if you have additional questions and learn how to choose a pool lift or schedule an installation. 

When choosing to rent or buy a ramp the decision can be confusing. An important thing to consider is how long will you need the ramp? If you think you will need it for longer than 6 months many people choose to buy the ramp. If you have a temporary injury and will need the ramp for less than 6 months, you might consider renting the ramp rather than buying it. 

However, different situations call for unique solutions. We compiled a checklist of common ramp uses to better explain why you should choose whether to rent or purchase a ramp.

Rent a Ramp

  • If you are injured and will only need short-term rehabilitation. If doctors believe you will make a full recovery, you will likely only need a ramp temporarily, therefore renting is a better choice in this scenario. 
  • If you are renting your property, it might be better to rent the wheelchair ramp. Most landlords will not pay to have a wheelchair ramp installed on their property. 
  • An end-of-life or hospice situation. If you know your loved one or yourself only have a few more years or months renting is preferable. 
  • You have guests with mobility challenges coming to visit and you would like to accommodate them during their stay. 
  • You are planning a special event. Perhaps you are having a wedding at your home or a family reunion. Whatever the case may be, it will be nice for anyone with difficulty in mobility to enter the house safely.

Buy a Ramp

  • You might consider purchasing the ramp if it will be used for longer than 6 months. 
  • You or the one needing the ramp owns the property and would like to install a wheelchair ramp to make the home permanently accessible for years to come.

At Next Day Access, we offer a variety of wheelchair ramp styles for you to rent or buy, such as foldable ramps, aluminum ramps, weatherproof ramps, and more. We will deliver and install wheelchair ramps for both residential and commercial customers. You can contact us for a quick quote. You will also receive a free estimate and financing is available if you choose to buy. 

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