Our pool lift is ideal for use on smaller hotel and motel swimming pools and is also a great choice for backyard enthusiasts who enjoy their independence. This lift is designed to be independently operated by the user, allowing full control of the lift with an easy-to-use two-button remote.

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Aqua Creek Beach Access Chair

The Aqua Creek Beach Access Chair is an all-terrain access chair designed for adventure seekers, those who live near and visit the beach often, or for those who are planning a vacation. Portable, lightweight, and easy-to-use, the Aqua Creek Beach Access Chair has everything you need to explore new terrain.

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Aqua Creek Cycle Attachment

Don’t let limited mobility prevent you from enjoying aerobic water exercise. Aqua Creek’s Pool Lift Cycle Attachment quickly and easily converts your pool lift into a water therapy tool designed to help you safely and securely navigate the water.

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Aqua Creek Patriot Pool Lift

Portable and sturdy, the Aqua Creek Patriot Pool Lift is capable of moving 375 lbs and is the only portable aquatic lift that is independently verified to meet ADA guidelines.  This lift can accommodate a 12” water draft, and is counter-weighted using a sand ballast system.  Stainless steel construction, adjustable footrest, and lap belt, and […]

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Aqua Creek Power EZ 2Pool Lift

Limited mobility shouldn’t limit your ability to enjoy the water. The Aqua Creek Power EZ 2 Pool Lift provides access to both above- and below-ground pools and spas so you can make the most of your outdoor areas.  It is constructed from stainless steel with a durable powder coat finish and is easily portable for […]

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Aqua Creek Ranger 2 Lift

The Aqua Creek Ranger 2  Lift was designed with independence in mind.  The Ranger 2 is the new version of our extremely popular lift, The Ranger. This new ADA compliant lift features a field reversible design, 350-pound weight capacity, UL Certification, and comes standard with a 14-inch deck to water draft.  Perfect for both home […]

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Aqua Creek Scout 2 Pool Lift

The Aqua Creek Scout 2 Pool Lift can sustain up to 375 lbs of weight.  It easily fits most existing anchors and features an adjustable height seat pole allowing for greater flexibility and maneuverability than other lifts.  With a full 360 degrees rotation, the Scout can have you out over the water and in it […]

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Aqua Creek Underwater Walker

Aqua Creek’s Underwater Walker allows both adults and children with mobility issues to enjoy swimming pools. With durable, rust-proof materials and sturdy design, the adjustable, waterproof Aqua Creek Underwater Walker allows you to enjoy the water safely. The underwater walker is ideal for both water aerobic exercise and recreational use.

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