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On July 26, 2022, people with limited mobility celebrated the 32nd anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act. The anniversary is still a source of pride and hope, but it does bring up the question, why are there still inaccessible businesses? Business accessibility is as relevant today as it was years ago. 

A recent article in Forbes magazine written by Andrew Pulrang has this excerpt, “Accessibility is still treated like some kind of premium feature rather than a civic responsibility for businesses or a civil right for customers.” 

Here are some tips on how you can improve your business’s accessibility. 

Make sure parking and entering your building is convenient. 

People with limited mobility who drive are far more likely to shop or eat somewhere when there is handicap parking available. Ensure the designated parking spaces are clearly labeled and at least 8 feet wide. You should also invest in a commercial wheelchair ramp. Seeing a ramp shows customers that you want them there, and that accessibility is a priority to you. At Next Day Access, we offer a variety of commercial ramps.  

Make sure inside the business you have wide pathways. 

People with limited mobility need more space to move. They will need enough room to walk, wheel, stop, and turn around without hitting tables or display shelves. Having an area that is cluttered and tight makes the business feel uncomfortable, even for patrons not using a wheelchair. Your layout matters as much as your décor. 

Make sure restrooms are accessible for wheelchairs. 

If you are hoping your customers stay for more than 30 minutes, you need to have an accessible restroom. Even if the restroom only holds one person at a time, ensure it is wide enough for a wheelchair to make turns. You should also have grab bars installed and a sink where a wheelchair can easily slide underneath so the user can reach the faucets. You can find durable and contemporary grab bars at Next Day Access.  

When you make your business more accessible, your reputation and the number of customers increase. People with limited mobility remember the places in town where they can get around more easily and feel welcome. Next Day Access can help you find the best commercial ramps, grab bars, railings, and more.

When choosing to rent or buy a ramp the decision can be confusing. An important thing to consider is how long will you need the ramp? If you think you will need it for longer than 6 months many people choose to buy the ramp. If you have a temporary injury and will need the ramp for less than 6 months, you might consider renting the ramp rather than buying it. 

However, different situations call for unique solutions. We compiled a checklist of common ramp uses to better explain why you should choose whether to rent or purchase a ramp.

Rent a Ramp

  • If you are injured and will only need short-term rehabilitation. If doctors believe you will make a full recovery, you will likely only need a ramp temporarily, therefore renting is a better choice in this scenario. 
  • If you are renting your property, it might be better to rent the wheelchair ramp. Most landlords will not pay to have a wheelchair ramp installed on their property. 
  • An end-of-life or hospice situation. If you know your loved one or yourself only have a few more years or months renting is preferable. 
  • You have guests with mobility challenges coming to visit and you would like to accommodate them during their stay. 
  • You are planning a special event. Perhaps you are having a wedding at your home or a family reunion. Whatever the case may be, it will be nice for anyone with difficulty in mobility to enter the house safely.

Buy a Ramp

  • You might consider purchasing the ramp if it will be used for longer than 6 months. 
  • You or the one needing the ramp owns the property and would like to install a wheelchair ramp to make the home permanently accessible for years to come.

At Next Day Access, we offer a variety of wheelchair ramp styles for you to rent or buy, such as foldable ramps, aluminum ramps, weatherproof ramps, and more. We will deliver and install wheelchair ramps for both residential and commercial customers. You can contact us for a quick quote. You will also receive a free estimate and financing is available if you choose to buy. 

Many seniors are choosing to age in place instead of going into a nursing home. In fact, 90% of seniors have said they would prefer to age at home, according to a survey by the American Advisors Group. They also point out that some home modifications for accessible living might be necessary.

If an aging adult has health problems or mobility issues in the future, their house will need some modifications. The modifications will help make sure they can live independently and comfortably while remaining safe. Here are the most common home modifications for safe, accessible living.

Grab Bars

As we age, we are less steady on our feet. Grab bars help keep aging adults balanced, making them less likely to experience a severe fall. You can have grab bars installed anywhere in the home, but they should primarily be near the home’s entrance and in bathrooms. We offer sleek and stylish grab bars modifications that enhance the home’s existing interior design.


A ramp modification instead of stairs at the entrance to the home can be helpful. Next Day Access offers ramps to fit a multitude of stair variations. If you have a step up in the home, you can purchase a threshold ramp that easily slides over the step. Ramps are one of the best modifications for someone aging in place. They minimize the risk of accidents and injuries significantly. 

Walk-In Tubs or Barrier Free Showers

Stepping over a bathtub is extremely dangerous if the senior no longer has a good sense of balance. At Next Day Access, you can find conversion kits and walk-in tubs to help the senior avoid a potential bathroom fall. Next Day Access also has a range of portable showers or curb-less showers.

Full Bath Remodel

The bathroom is the most dangerous room in the house for seniors. The wet slippery floors are an enormous hazard for falls. Also, getting in and out of the tub or up and down from the toilet can be difficult. At Next Day Access, you will find everything you need to remodel the bathroom. We offer toilet lifts, grab bars, walk-in tubs, shower chairs, and more.

Next Day Access is where you will find most of the home modifications needed for a senior to age in place.  We even offer a free in-home consultation where we walk through your home and help to show you areas that would be helpful with modifications. Contact us today to schedule your consultation. 

If you own a commercial property, you should make it accessible for everyone to enter. When creating your storefront entrance, make it accessible for individuals of different mobility levels. Creating an accessible entrance to your storefront might seem daunting. To ease those concerns, let us help you easily get an accessible entrance.

Next Day Access specializes in wheelchair ramps of all sizes. Since they are cost-effective and relatively affordable, your business would benefit from one. Here are a few wheelchair ramp designs you could choose from:

3 Ramps to Make Your Business Accessible

Big Lug Threshold Ramp 

This ramp provides 42 inches of width in front of the doorway. When installing the ramp, you may choose to also install handrails for added stability. This ramp has a small footprint and works best for those using walkers or wheelchairs trying to get over the threshold.

Open Weave Ramp 

This longer ramp features an open-weave surface which makes it ideal for storefronts in areas where snowy and icy conditions pose a threat. It is made entirely out of aluminum and boasts two-way traction with an astonishing 1,000-pound weight capacity.

Solid Surface Wheelchair Ramp 

This signature ramp is one of our most popular ramps. This aluminum ramp offers an easily configured fit, has a 1,000-pound weight capacity, and installs in a matter of hours. Its surface is solid which provides a smooth ride.

At Next Day Access, we can have your storefront accessible ready in no time. We proudly sell, deliver, and install a wide range of commercial wheelchair ramps, among other home accessibility products. When you are ready to prepare your storefront for the public, contact us!

No one wants a slippery or unsafe wheelchair ramp. At Next Day Access, we encourage you to follow these tips on keeping your wheelchair ramp safe and clean during the winter months’ precipitation cycles.

How To Keep Your Wheelchair Ramp Safe And Clean

Make sure the tread is in safe working order on your ramp

When you order your ramp from Next Day Access, it comes with sturdy treading to ensure you and your caregiver can keep a steady footing on the ramp. When winter weather is coming down, it is essential that you add either rock salt to the ramp or kitty litter to keep the tread working properly. You can protect the tread by adding these products which offer a sturdier footing on the ramp. 

Keep an eye on the weather

When you notice the snow in the forecast, purchase an anti-icing solution, and apply it to the ramp. Often, these are the same products used on roads or other paved surfaces to keep them safe for cars and pedestrians. When you apply an anti-icing solution, it helps to keep snow from building up on the ramp. 

Have a relative or caregiver shovel the ramp

Depending on the climate where you live, shoveling your ramp could be a daily activity. Keeping the ramp clear of snow and debris will help you easily use it and you can add the anti-icing solution or rock-salt easier once the ramp is clear. The rock salt will melt any lingering snow. It is helpful to shovel the snow, no matter how light the dusting to keep the ramp safe and clean. 

Use a plastic shovel and thick bristled broom

When clearing your ramp of snow, instead of using a metal shovel, it is best to use a thick bristled broom or plastic shovel. These tools are gentler on your ramp and less likely to cause scratches or dents.  

Travel with a caregiver or family member over a ramp during the winter months

If possible, try to wait until you have someone to help you navigate the ramp in winter. Even with all the preventative measures, we mentioned there could be a missed ice patch on the ramp which could cause you to slip and fall. Overall, remember during the winter months to exercise caution. 

At Next Day Access, we hope you stay warm and cozy this winter season. If you find yourself having any issues with your ramp, contact us. We offer a variety of ramps to keep you safe this winter season. 

A fall for an aging loved one can be detrimental because their bones are more brittle causing a hospital visit. We at Next Day Access want to help prevent falls for you or your aging loved one.

We understand sometimes older adults could be on medication that could cause dizziness which makes them more likely to fall. To ensure safety this winter season, here is a list of tips to help you stay safe.

Fall Prevention Tips

  1. When getting out of a car, be sure to use a car handle that slides into your car door or a handle that attaches to the handle near the top of the door. Both help you lean down on them as you exit the vehicle. Once you have your footing, grab arms with your companion and slowly make your way indoors. 
  1. Use handrails when provided. Move slowly, taking your time to use the railing as far as it will get you.
  1. Wearing gloves keep your hands warm and can be helpful when gripping walls or rails. Keeping your hands free can improve your ability to maintain balance. Consider wearing a cross shoulder bag, backpack, or fanny pack.
  1. Concentrate on the path ahead without distractions, and walk slowly. Make sure to firmly plant each foot on the ground as you walk. 
  1. If you have your cell phone on you, call the family member or friend you are meeting. If you are by yourself, ask a store employee or manager to assist you.
  1. Plan ahead for your outing. If you notice treacherous, snowy, icy, rainy, or slippery weather, do your best to rearrange your plans. 
  1. Wear proper footwear. You get a pass on fashion during winter weather! Wear boots or shoes with textured soles with a grip on the bottom that adheres to messy weather. 
  1. If you need a mobility device to help, ensure you have one with a good grip.
  1.  Do not rush. If that means you must leave home sooner, so be it. Rushing can cause a slip. 
  1. Lastly, always ask for help! People are often willing to assist you. 

Let Us Help

At Next Day Access, we want to help keep you safe and avoid falling. Our mission at Next Day Access is to ensure our customers are safe, comfortable, and independent. Contact us for accessibility and mobility equipment you may need.

Guide to Finding the Right Ramp

So you’re looking for an accessibility solution, but you’re not entirely sure where to start? That’s where we, at Next Day Access, come in! Let us help you discover what questions need to be asked and how to find the answers with these examples below.

  1. What are you using your ramp for?

    1. While you many may think a ramp selection is straightforward, there are many factors to consider.
      1. If you’re just looking to even out an entry, exit or doorway, we encourage you to look at a threshold ramp. Offered in aluminum, rubber or plastic, this solution makes for an easier accessibility point for those in wheelchairs.
      2. We also offer an extra-wide threshold that spans 42-inches and comes with handrails to offer increased stability as one moves through the threshold.
  • If you’re working around a porch with steps, your best bet will be to use a wheelchair ramp. These ramps come in a variety of materials and can be specifically configured to meet your needs and the specifications of your home.
  1. What kind of material do I need to use?

    1. Like we mentioned above, our wheelchair ramps come in a variety of materials. So what should you consider when it comes to the material used for the ramp?
      1. Weather – If you live an area that experiences a lot of snow and ice, our open-weave ramp may be a more practical solution to your needs. If you live in a high-humidity environment, aluminum may be better to use versus our wood-aluminum ramps which could eventually effect traction when it becomes wet. Assess your climate and we can help you find the right ramp for whatever weather you face!
      2. Maintenance – Nothing will escape maintenance but some ramps require a little less or can be done more efficiently. If you’re looking for a low-maintenance, extended use ramp we can help you find the perfect one. If you’re needing a temporary solution and anticipate it requiring little to no maintenance, we can also assist you in the discovery process.

  1. How long does my ramp need to be?

    1. According to ADA guidelines, mobility ramps need to be one foot long for every one inch lift. So if you have ramp that’s lifted 6 inches, the corresponding ramp length will need to be six feet. The ramp must also be 36-inches wide in order to be ADA compliant. We can assist you in the measuring and planning process to ensure the ramp is safe, secure and compliant.

If you have any questions concerning your accessibility needs, we’re here to help. Take a look at what brands we carry and the variety of solutions we can offer you. Contact us today for more information and to receive a free estimate!

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