Vertical Platform Lift Installation

Vertical platform lifts (VPL), also commonly known as porch lifts, can be delivered and installed by certified professionals at Next Day Access. These types of lifts come with safety devices to halt the descent if there is an obstacle under the platform, as well as feature an upper gate to ensure safe access at the upper landing.

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Benefits of a Vertical Platform Lifts

Our VPLs provide many benefits to suit different types of environments and requirements.

Suitable for indoor and outdoor environments

VPLs are durable and built to face the harshest weather conditions. The design of the VPL helps keep its original condition years after the purchase.

Ultimate safety

These lifts offer ultimate safety for your patrons. Most VPLs include a safety under pan, emergency lowering, battery back up in case of a power outage, and emergency safety switches. We also make sure to follow all the ADA and ASME requirements when installing the lift, giving you peace of mind.

Effortless operation

The effortless operation of VPLs offer a smooth and quiet ride. Most VPLs operate as simple as the push of a button.

Space saver

Compared to wheelchair ramps, VPLs are a huge space saver because of its ability to fit in tighter places. Because many older facilities do not have enough room to install a wheelchair ramp that is up to code, VPLs can be a more ideal solution.


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