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It is that time of year when many pool companies are overwhelmed with business as people begin closing their pools for the season. If you have a residential or commercial pool lift, it’ll need to be closed for the season so that the weather elements do not cause any damage to the lift.  

What is a pool lift? 

A pool lift is mobility equipment. There are portable, stationary, battery-powered, and more types of lifts. The lifts are designed to lower a person with limited mobility into a pool. The user sits in a chair that acts as a transfer bench. Using a motor, the chair swivels to a position that puts the user in the pool and then later lifts the person from the pool. 

The pool lift requires routine maintenance and care. Having a maintenance and cleaning routine for your pool lift ensures that the equipment remains in good working condition. 

During the summer, when the lift is being used often, it should be inspected for missing or loose hardware. The battery should be functioning properly with an adequate charge, and it would be best if it was also rinsed daily with fresh water. 

You should wash all the components with mild soap and fresh water each week. You may also need to use a soft brush to remove rust or staining. The pool lift comes with an actuator tube. We recommend that you put the tube in its fully extended position so that you can clean the entire tube. Remember, most of these components are coming into proximity, and some pieces fully emerged into harsh chemicals, like chlorine. 

To maintain the lift’s structural integrity, do a monthly corrosion inspection. If you notice any components show excessive corrosion, contact Next Day Access so we can get you replacement parts. 

Once you close the pool and the lift, you should keep the lift’s battery charged. If you allow the battery to deplete fully, you could damage the battery. We also recommend that you have a spare battery so that one can be charged if the other one is in use. Keep in mind that temperature extremes can also affect battery performance and lifespan. The batteries should be kept in a temperature-controlled environment. It is also critical that the controller terminals and battery are kept clean to ensure they are making electrical contact. 

At Next Day Access, we provide several types of pool lifts and are happy to answer any questions you have about pool lift maintenance. The lifts are a significant investment, so you will want to be sure they are looked after properly. If you are looking for a pool lift, we encourage you to contact us for an in-home consultation. We can help you determine the perfect lift for your pool. 

When someone has a disability, getting into a pool can be a struggle and unsafe. Pool lifts are assistive aquatic access devices designed for people with disabilities or limited mobility who need help getting into a pool safely.

At Next Day Access, we offer a variety of pool lifts, and we understand deciding which lift is best for you can be confusing. Here are some tips on choosing the right pool lift for your home.

How To Choose a Pool Lift for Your Home

Portable or Fixed?

At times, customers prefer a pool lift that does not require permanent installation. In this case, a portable lift might be best since it can be stored or moved when not in.

If you would rather not worry have to store it, you would likely prefer a fixed pool lift. 

What type of disability support will you need?

If you have arthritis or a weakened lower body, you may not need a pool lift with foot and headrests. Most pool lifts are designed for people who lack a full range of motion or control of their limbs. We recommend a chair featuring an armrest, back, neck, and leg support along with a secure belting system. 

Weight Capacity

Any ADA-compliant pool lift must support a minimum of 300 pounds. You can, however, find pool lifts designed for bariatric use that will hold up to 450 pounds. 

Power Source

You have three options for operating your pool lift. You can opt for a manual lift with a hand crank, a hydraulic lift that harnesses the pool’s water pressure, or a battery-operated lift. 

The portable lift is always battery-operated due to its design. If you plug it into a power source between uses, you can recharge the battery. A properly cared for pool lift battery can last up to 5 years.


You can find pool lifts in various styles, even stylish, sleek, and low-profile versions. People that want to keep their pool deck tranquil usually go for a sleeker pool lift.

Design details such as lift installation permanence and rotating systems make a difference in the aesthetics of your lift. If an individual needs more support using the pool lift, consider the additional features you will need for the lift. 

Next Day Access has many options available to access your spa or pool. Our pool lifts are economical and ADA compliant with sleek, low-profile designs. Contact us today if you have additional questions and learn how to choose a pool lift or schedule an installation. 

Roger R. couldn’t wait to get his swimming pool filled and ready for the summer so that his nieces and nephews could come over and frolic. What he hadn’t factored into the equation was his own sudden and scary inability to get into the pool and use it safely himself.

With his balance issues worsening, the 62-year-old retired sales executive could not safely negotiate the steps into the cool water despite the presence of hand rails. That kept him from swimming his exercise laps as well as joining family in the water during visits and barbecues.

Roger quickly called Next Day Access, a leader in accessibility solutions, to get him back into the swim of things.

Next Day Access offers free, in-home estimates on its innovative products and we were at Roger’s home the very next day. He gave us the go-ahead to install our outstanding pool lift in his backyard.

Next Day Access pool lifts are ADA- compliant and will fit your budget. They come with a 350-pound-lifting capacity and a sleek, low-profile design that is unobtrusive. Payment plans are available and we are happy to work with you on designing one, as we did with Roger.

A Next Day Access pool lift is also well-suited for use at smaller hotel and motel swimming pools. The pool lift is constructed entirely of stainless steel and comes with a durable white powder coat finish. Power is delivered by a rechargeable battery. The lift also comes with a two-year warranty. This lift can be independently operated by the user, allowing full control through the simple two-button remote that is completely submersible.

Call us now for your free, in-home estimate and get back into the swim, just as Roger did. That’s a taste of what Next Day Access can do for you as part of its “Whole Home, Whole Life” approach to innovative accessibility solutions.

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