Stay On-the-Go with a Wheelchair Car Lift

Whatever your vehicle, lifestyle or mobility device, our wheelchair car lift can make it convenient for you to lead an active lifestyle, no matter where you’re going. No matter what your mobility device is, we have a vehicle lift that will allow you to easily transport your scooter, motorized wheelchair, or another mobility device!

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Please note: These products are not available in all markets.

Featured Products

Bruno Big Lifter Vehicle Lift

Bruno Chariot Vehicle Lift

Bruno Curb-Sider Vehicle Lift

Bruno Joey Vehicle Lift

Bruno Lifter Vehicle Lift

Bruno Out-Sider Vehicle Lift

Harmar AL300 Fusion Lift

The Harmar AL300 Fusion Lift is one of the most versatile vehicle lifts on the market. With the AL300, you have the option to transport a scooter or a power chair with the same equipment. Make transporting your mobility products as easy as possible with a vehicle lift-equipped to carry a variety of products.

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Harmar AL560 Automatic Universal Power Chair Lift

The Harmar AL560 Automatic Universal Power Chair Lift offers versatility and functionality with a powerful automatic securing option that doesn’t disappoint. The adjustable platform and vertically adjustable, padded hold-down arm safely and automatically secures virtually any power chair up to 350 lb.  This vehicle lift is one of the easiest to use and is designed […]

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Harmar AL600 Hybrid Platform Lift

When you need to get up and go, a vehicle lift that is easy to use is essential. The Harmar AL600 Hybrid Platform Lift offers a reliable, sturdy, yet easy-to-use platform lift designed to fit a variety of needs.  The compact design of this AL600 Hybrid Platform Lift fits virtually all scooters & power chairs […]

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Hold-N-Go Scooter Lift

The Hold-N-Go Scooter Lift provides support for scooters of all sizes and has a weight capacity of 350 pounds. An automatic hold-down arm makes transport convenient. Customize your scooter lift with a variety of laser-cut designs. Choose from an American flag, a patriotic bald eagle with stars, and more.

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WheelChair Carrier™ Tilt ‘n’ Tote Model 001

The WheelChair Carrier™ Tilt ‘n’ Tote Model 001 mounts to both cars and SUVs and offers an easy to use tilt and roll method designed to make transport as easy as possible for those with limited mobility. The Tilt ‘n’ Tote is also available in an electric option.

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