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Next Day Access offers custom curved and straight stairlifts to meet the needs of our customers. Our stairlifts help you comfortably and confidently move safely from ground level to the next level, all while aging in place.

How do stairlifts work?

A stairlift helps people with limited mobility get safely from the ground floor to the second floor. It is basically a chair that travels along a track or rail that has been mounted to a staircase. The stairlift requires connection to a 13-amp socket.

If there is not one in the vicinity of the staircase you can hire an electrician to install one. Since they are mounted to the rail or track, they are compatible with most staircases. It does not matter if the staircase has walls or banisters on either side.Stair Lifts In

What if I lose power?

Since our stairlifts are also battery-powered, there is a battery at either the top or bottom of the stairs. The stairlift will be charging anytime it is not in use. When you experience a power outage, your fully charged stairlift will continue to run several trips before needing to be charged again.

What is the weight capacity of a stairlift?

You can purchase heavy-duty lifts with a weight capacity of up to 600 pounds. These lifts will also have a comfortable chair to suit the user. The standard stairlift weight capacity is generally 300 to 350 pounds. The seats on the standard lift are also designed to be comfortable.

My staircase is curved, and complicated-will a stairlift still fit?

For a large majority of homes, yes, the stairlift will fit. Now, if you have narrow or rounded stairs, they may not fit a stairlift, but we can try to find a solution that works for your home. If you have stairs with curved on the end, we can provide you with a curved stairlift.

We determine how to design your stairlift by coming to your home and taking a photo survey with a 3-D camera. The images are then sent to the manufacturer to construct your custom railing.

If I only need a stairlift for a short time, can I rent one from Next Day Access?

We understand that there are many reasons you could need a stairlift for a short time. Maybe you have a temporary injury, or a relative or friend visiting that will need to use a stairlift. Unfortunately, curved stairlifts are unavailable since they are custom-made, but you can rent a straight stairlift.

Stairlifts from Next Day Access are available in various models and styles, so you can easily find one that matches your style and budget. Our stairlifts are elegantly crafted and can meet the needs of all sizes. Contact your nearest Next Day Access if you have more questions about stairlifts or if you would like to schedule an in-home consultation

Much to the delight of people with limited mobility, accessibility devices are becoming more advanced. The new bars are easier to handle and take up less space. It is exciting to see the changes to such helpful mobility equipment.

Our Safety Poles

Next Day Access now offers a new mobility device, Healthcraft Superbar. The Superbar is a security pole with a curved grab bar mounted from the ceiling to the floor. You can have these installed wherever you like in the home, but many find them particularly useful in the bathroom.

Healthcraft Superbars and SuperPole safety poles have many added benefits to help with fall prevention, bedside or bathtub support, and they’re all very easy to put together.

Superbar Benefits

  • The pole prevents falls. The security pole offers stability and safety when standing or sitting. You can lean on it as you climb over bathtubs or when you are getting in and out of bed. The curved bar can turn and lock into position every 45 degrees and can handle up to 300 pounds.  
  • The height and tension rods are adjustable. However, it must be used with a flat ceiling, and from floor to ceiling must be 7 to 10 feet tall. It includes rubber pads to protect your floors and ceilings from damage. 
  • The pole is versatile and can be used as a bedside support handle, chair standing rail, wheelchair transfer pole, and a bathroom grab bar. The unique grab looks like an inverted “S”. This gives it a ladder-like design with four different places to grip. The user can conveniently get to a standing position using a hand-over-hand motion. 
  • The pole provides more space. It has a modern design, so you will likely not feel the need to have bulky grab bars or railings protruding from the walls. 
  • It’s easy to assemble. You can contact Next Day Access, and our installation team will happily install it for you within minutes. 
safety poles Healthcraft SuperPoles
Healthcraft SuperPoles

Not every Next Day Access location in the country has a Healthcare Superbar in stock; if they do not, we can help you find something similar that fits your needs. However, if you prefer to maintain the grab bars, handles, and railings you have become accustomed to, Next Day Access still has many to choose from and will happily help you determine where they fit best.

We also offer modern, contemporary, and aesthetically pleasing choices on these devices. Contact your nearest Next Day Access if you are in the market for new grab bars or handles. We can show you The Healthcare Superbar and the many other products we offer to make your home accessible. 

For aging adults, the stairs in their homes can become too dangerous to navigate. They may have limited mobility, accessibility concerns, lack of stability, or weakened muscles. When the stairs seem too challenging, many aging adults may think it is time for an assisted living community or a home with no stairs. At Next Day Access, our goal is to find solutions so aging adults can age safely and comfortably at home. We offer various stairlifts, some even suit curved stairs. Many individuals do not realize how cost-effective it is to put in a stairlift rather than move. We can even have your stairlift installed in no time with as little intrusion on your day-to-day as possible. Other than stairlifts being cost-effective, here are a few other benefits you will find when choosing to install a stairlift: 

Stairlifts prevent injuries

Injury prevention is the most obvious benefit of installing a stairlift. You are less likely to slip and fall downstairs, which is the most common area that presents a high-risk fall. Just missing one step can result in a broken leg, hip, or other injuries. 

Stairlifts are easy to use

Stairlifts are extremely easy to operate. When using the stairlift, you sit on the seat, put on the seatbelt, and press the switch on the armrest. Once you are at the top of the stairs, release the switch, and the lift will come to a rest.  

If you find yourself at the top of the stairs but the stairlift is at the bottom, there are remotes you can leave upstairs and downstairs to send the stairlift to where it needs to be. 

Stairlifts are comfortable

You can purchase a lift with extra cushion, but most people feel the standard lift is already very comfortable. There is a stairlift called the Bruno Elite, which is considered the highest quality because the seat, back, and armrest all have padded cushions. 

Stairlifts restore independence

We once had an installer tearfully tell us about a sweet interaction with a customer. The customer was so thrilled with her stairlift because she was always stuck on the top floor, too afraid to go down the stairs for fear of falling. She was delighted she could now order a pizza since she had a stairlift! It’s such a simple thing, but having independence in your home is vital for your physical and mental health.

These are just a few of the benefits of installing a stairlift in your home. Our goal at Next Day Access is to help aging adults and individuals with mobility difficulties feel safe and comfortable at home. We are able to do this because we offer several solutions for accessibility concerns, including stairlifts, wheelchair ramps, porch lifts, and much more. Don’t hesitate to contact us today for all your mobility and accessibility needs. 

As you get older, your bones become more brittle. A fall can be detrimental. Let us at Next Day Access help prevent your falls with a useful and user-friendly list of ways to preemptively avoid falling both inside and outside of your home.

Stylistic Changes

Use a walker, rollator, or cane to steady yourself. These items are beneficial for preventing falls when standing up or sitting down. We also recommend standing up slowly. When you get up too fast, your blood pressure can drop unexpectantly, causing you to feel faint. 

Wear low-heeled and rubber-soled shoes that completely support your feet. If you wear only slippers or socks, it can be unsafe on stairs or freshly waxed wood floors. 

Investment Changes

Invest in handrails and guard rails. Handrails are not just for stairs. You can put them along the hallway, in various places in the bathroom, anywhere in the house you think would be helpful. 

Avoid ladders or standing on a chair to reach items. You can buy a reaching stick to help you get hard-to-reach items. If you must have a step stool, invest in one with a handle. 

The bathroom is one of the most dangerous places for falls. Floors get wet and slippery, and stepping over a tub can cause severe injuries. Look into a raised toilet seat, shower chairs, bath benches, grab bars, and walk-in tubs. 

Consider buying a medical alarm necklace. Even though phones are handy these days, having a medical alarm conveniently around your neck will give you and your loved one’s peace of mind if there is an emergency. 

Health Changes

Take care of your health.  This may seem like common sense, but it is worth the reminder. You can also speak to your doctor about a bone density test. This test will tell you how strong your bones are. Your doctor can then prescribe medications to make your bones stronger. 

Have your hearing and vision tested regularly. Hearing or sight issues can cause you to be less stable on your feet. 

Speak to your doctor about each of your medications. Certain medications can cause balance and coordination to be negatively affected. Being aware of the issues can help you take better precautions. 

At Next Day Access, our priority is to help our customers feel safe, comfortable, and independent at home. We offer many of the devices mentioned above. We also provide a free in-home consultation to help you determine if areas in your home are not safe. Contact us today!

At Next Day Access, we are proud to offer a vast assortment of products that help people with disabilities and seniors aging in place live comfortably, safely, and independently. Here are a few products we urge you to consider to help prevent you from falling in your home. 

Grab Bars

At Next Day Access, we have an assortment of grab bars and handles. Grab bars do not strictly need to be installed in the bathroom. They can be installed throughout the house. Many are choosing to install them down hallways and at a front door enclave. In fact, one of our curved security bars can be placed anywhere in the house. It stands from ceiling to floor and has a curved bar attached that enables users to pull on it when getting into a standing position. You also can lean on it when sitting back down.  

Wheelchairs and Scooters

Getting around the house once you feel you have difficulty with mobility is no trouble with a scooter or wheelchair. At Next Day Access, you will find the perfect scooter or wheelchair for you. During our free at-home consultation, we can help you decide which would work best based on your daily activities and your home configuration.

Bathroom Products

In addition to grab bars, we also offer several solutions to keep you safe in the bathroom. We have portable showers, walk-in bathtubs, and an array of shower chairs and benches. We understand most falls occur in the bathroom, so we want to ensure your bathroom is safe with our product selections.

If you are concerned that your home is not fall-proof and you want to see what products are available to keep you safe. We urge you to visit us at Next Day Access today or contact us to schedule a free in-home consultation. We will do all we can to ensure your home is safe and secure. 

At Next Day Access, we provide many solutions to help people with disabilities and aging loved ones remain safe and independent in all areas of the home. Falling from the bed is one occurrence that could result in severe injury. Some of the causes occur when they’re asleep, usually from rolling around or while trying to get out of bed. But with bed rails, you can reduce falling.

What are bed rails?

Bed rails provide balance and stability in the comfort of your bedroom. They are used to assist while getting in and out of bed, help the user reposition themself while in bed, and prevent loved ones from rolling out of bed during the night. There are many different types of bed rails that can support you in the comfort of your bedroom.

EZ Adjust Bed Rail

The EZ Adjust Bed Rail is intended to reduce the risk of falling out of bed during the night. But its versatile and functional design, functions as a bed rail and handle. The rail extends p to 42 inches and can easily fold down to be out of the way, to prevent inaccessibility. This solution is typically made for long term use and ideal for those with limited mobility or a loss of balance. The rail includes an organizer pouch that’s perfect for keeping personal items close by.

PT BedCane

Unlike the length of the bed rail, the PT BedCane is smaller in design. It is an ergonomic handle that is used to assist from a bed to a walker, scooter, wheelchair, etc. The handle adjusts up to 25 inches to fit the height of your mattress. And similar to the bed rail, the handle comes with an organizer pouch, allowing to store small items like your phone.

Bed Rail Advantage Traveler

Living independently also means being able to travel freely. Even when you’re away from home, you can sleep safely and comfortably with the Bed Rail Advantage Traveler. Its foldable design and weight make it portable and compatible with most bed types.

Deciding between a bed rail or handle can be difficult. That’s why our accessibility experts can help you choose which solution will best accommodate your lifestyle. With our free in-home safety consultations, let us evaluate different solutions that will keep you in your home safely. Contact us to learn more about our free in-home consultations.


One in four seniors fall each year, and out of every five falls, one results in serious injuries, such as broken bones or brain injuries. The statistics are scary, but falls can be prevented with the right equipment installed throughout the home.  

The CDC recommends installing grab bars in every bathroom of a home with loved ones choosing to age in place. They are often placed next to the toilet, sink, and inside and outside the tub or shower. Because bathroom floors can become slippery, by holding on to the bar, it can create a safer space. However, grab bars are not only installed in bathrooms but other places throughout the home. 

What is a Grab Bar? 

It’s graspable bar installed on the wall that helps maintain balance and lessen fatigue while standing. They help prevent injury for aging loved ones, people with a temporary or permanent injury, and others.  

Where to Install Grab Bars? 

As we mentioned, grab bars are essential for bathrooms, but it is also helpful to have them installed throughout your home. These days you do not have to worry about giving up style. You can find sleek, stylish designs that blend in with your home. Wherever you are wanting a grab bar, contact an accessibility expert to safely do the job.

How to Choose the Right Grab Bars? 

When you are choosing grab bars for your loved one’s home, there are various design options, including: 

  • Straight are usually installed horizontally but can also be vertically or diagonally. 
  • Folding can be folded away to provide extra space when not in use. 
  • Ceiling to floor is tension mounted and makes it easier to stand from your toilet, bed, or couch. 

It is not always easy deciding which grab bars will best accommodate you or your loved one. That’s why at Next Day Access, we offer free in-home consultations for our customers. With our evaluations, we can help you understand which solution will benefit you the most. We also offer installations from our accessibility technicians. Contact us to learn more about our free in-home safety consultations.

Source: https://www.cdc.gov/homeandrecreationalsafety/falls/adultfalls.html

When most people fall, it is common to get a bruise or scrape. However, if an older adult falls, the results are far worse, causing broken bones, head injuries, or worse. It is common for older adults to fall more frequently because of lower body weakness, difficulties with walking and balance, or vision problems. Studies show one out of every four Americans over the age of 65 experiences a fall each year.

There are many ways an older adult could slip and fall, but one of the biggest causes is misstepping. At most senior living facilities, you won’t find stairs, but what if your aging loved one wants to stay at home where stairs are inevitable? Fortunately, there are many ways to make your loved one’s home safe, even if stairs are present. 

How to Make Stairs Safer for Seniors Aging in Place:

  • Invest in a stairlift. At Next Day Access, we offer an assortment of stairlifts. Our stairlifts safely help your loved ones go up and down the stairs. Stairlifts are easy to use and can be installed within hours to a day, depending on your staircase.
  • Add non-slip strips. These strips can easily be applied with adhesive to the stairs. You could even apply them in areas of the bathroom that could get wet and slippery.  
  • Try to decrease stair time. Is it possible to reorganize the home where your loved one never needs to go to the second floor? Could their bedroom be on the lower level? You may not be able to cut out stair time entirely, but if you limit the amount of time your loved one spends on stairs, it may reduce the likelihood of falling.
  • Add hand railings to the stairs. If you do not have a set of sturdy hand railings on the stairs you should invest in them as soon as possible. The CDC even recommends have railings on staircases. Railings help with balance and support, reducing the chances of falling.
  • Do not use a carpet runner on stairs. Having a leveled floor is one of the best ways to ensure safety in your home. Although a runner is decorative for stairs, it can be a trip hazard for older adults. If you can avoid using rugs, it can help your loved one keep safe from tripping and falling.
  • Invest in ramps for outdoors stairs or single steps. Ramps come in all sizes and can be installed usually in less than a day. Next Day Access has a variety of ramps to fit your unique needs whether it be an outdoor or indoor ramp.

At Next Day Access, we provide, sell, and install accessibility and mobility solutions to keep your aging loved one safe and comfortable at home. We understand the danger of stairs for seniors and have many different products to help them navigate a home with stairs. Contact us to schedule your free in-home consultation. 

Source: https://www.cdc.gov/falls/facts.html

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention indicates that over one out of four seniors fall every year, and when they do, they have a higher chance of falling again. There are a variety of actions to help reduce the risk of serious injury. Fall prevention can be from reviewing medications to hazard-proofing your house. Some medical conditions can enhance the risk of falling, and we’ve explained some of the common ones.

Medication Side Effects

If your aging parent takes a lot of medication or had their medication changed, monitor any side effects they experience. It is common for some medication to cause lightheadedness or weakness. Ask your aging parent to pay attention to how they feel after taking medication and if something doesn’t seem right, talk to their doctor.

Vision Loss

Small changes in a person’s vision will likely happen over time. Vision loss can create an enhanced risk of falling. When providing senior care, make sure the lighting in bathrooms, hallways, and other dark areas is sufficient. Also, consider removing rugs, cords, and other things on the floor that could create a trip-and-fall risk for someone experiencing vision loss.

Blood Pressure

Changes in blood pressure can make people feel lightheaded or even faint. Make sure to check your loved one’s blood pressure regularly and monitor any changes. Note what the numbers are when they are sitting down compared to coming back from a short walk. You might indicate whether their blood pressure fluctuates and if there is a cause for concern.

Underlying Conditions

If your aging parent seems to lose their balance frequently, it could be a result from an underlying condition. Whether it’s an infection, disease, illness, or a type of medical condition, have their doctor evaluate them for treatment to reduce future fallings. Fall prevention is all about being proactive, and talking to your doctor is one way to achieve it.

Next Day Access provides mobility aids and devices to help seniors move around with ease and lower their risk of falling. Installing grab bars, lift chair, and stair lifts can help a senior maintain their balance and feel more confident moving around their home. Medical conditions often play a role in falls, so contact us today if your senior loved one needs solutions to prevent falls.

We all go through many different changes as we get older. Whether it’s physical changes, developing health concerns, or simply having more aches and pains in the morning, changes are the natural part of getting older. One of the changes many people experience relates to their vision. According to the American Academy of Family Physicians, roughly 33% of people will have some type of eye disease by the time they turn 65. Experiencing vision loss can be inconvenient and dangerous, so here are some tips to consider for seniors who want to age in place and have poor vision.

Focus On Lighting

The appropriate lighting throughout the home is crucial to preventing falls, especially for  the bathroom and the hallway. Investing in nightlights is a simple solution to ensure seniors can navigate the space with ease. Seniors should also pay attention to which areas of their homes are brighter than others and improve the lighting in the areas that need it. 

Eliminate Clutter And Create Open Spaces

Part of senior living can include eliminating clutter throughout the home and creating open spaces as much as possible. Even items like rugs can get in the way and cause seniors to trip. It’s easier than you think to prevent falls in the home, and sometimes all it takes is removing rugs and rearranging furniture. If there’s a lot of clutter present, consider taking some time to sort through the items and donating or selling the ones you don’t need anymore.

Utilize Mobility Products And Aids

Seniors with vision loss can benefit greatly from certain mobility products and aids. Installing threshold ramps helps prevent falls, as well as simple items like grab bars in the bathroom. You could even go as far as replacing your bathtub or shower with a walk-in version; so it’s easier to access. There are a variety of resources that you can use to help you safely age in place.

Next Day Access can help seniors with vision loss have a safer living space. Seniors often don’t realize their vision is deteriorating since it’s a slow process. However, if you notice you’re tripping more often than normal or having a harder time seeing at night, then it might be time to look into some home adjustments. No matter how big or small the changes are, we can help. Be sure to contact us today to schedule a free home assessment to improve the safety of your home.

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