Once someone suffers from a stroke, they often develop new limitations or a physical disability. Their first challenge is transitioning back home from the hospital or skilled nursing unit.  Since a stroke comes with no warning, the house may not be equipped for new disabilities and physical challenges.

Nearly one-third of stroke survivors are permanently disabled after their stroke. This means they are no longer able to do many of the things they did previously without assistance.

Home Modifications for Stroke Survivors: 6 Helpful Ideas

To help stroke survivors transition home more smoothly, caregivers should evaluate the home for modifications to support the stroke survivor and make them feel safe and comfortable at home. Here are six tips for home modifications for stroke survivors that will make the transition easier for them.


Reorganize to accommodate mobility aids. If the stroke survivor needs a wheelchair, Next Day Access has an abundance of wheelchairs or scooters to help them better maneuver the home. We also provide many styles of wheelchair ramps. If the home has stairs, we also offer various stairlifts.

We even have porch lifts that can raise the wheelchair user to the patio or porch level of a home. Be prepared to rearrange furniture to make room for wheelchairs, walkers, or other mobility aids. 

Modify the Bathroom

Get to work in the bathroom. Install grab bars and shower handles. Wet slippery surfaces can cause issues for most, but they can be especially disastrous for someone with a physical impairment. Invest in a shower stool and non-slip mats for the bathroom.

At Next Day Access, we can easily install a walk-in tub. Walk-in tubs help tremendously when trying to avoid slips when entering the tub area. 

Change the Bed

Modify the bed. Sometimes a standard bed may be too low for stroke survivors to get into safely and comfortably. You can raise the bed with bed risers or rent an adjustable hospital bed.

There are all sorts of adjustable beds on the market today if you would rather the room not have a hospital look. You will also want to look into bed rails to keep your loved one from falling out of bed overnight. 

Rearrange the Kitchen

Reposition items in the kitchen. Make sure things used daily are convenient to reach and consider changing the knobs on cabinets to pull knobs. You can also have cabinets with drawers that slide out for easier reach. Another tip is to place pantry items or dishes in lower cabinets. 

Reconfigure the Changing Area

Reorganize the closet and dressing area. Add a chair into the wardrobe so your loved one can sit comfortably while dressing and have clothes hanging low in the closet for easier access. 

Add Dressing Aids

Include dressing aids in the closet. You can purchase zipper pullers and button hook aids, grabbing tools for out of reach items, shoehorns to help put on shoes, and many other devices to help your loved one feel more independence and privacy while changing. 

How Next Day Access Can Help

At Next Day Access, we are more than prepared to help you figure out everything you need to modify the home for stroke survivors. Even if the stroke survivor is expected to make a full recovery, we have items you can rent to ease their return home.

If your loved one is not likely to make a full recovery, we provide an abundance of mobility equipment and accessibility devices at fantastic prices. These products help the stroke survivor regain a feeling of independence at home while also staying safe.

Our experts are happy to set up an in-home consultation to walk you through the house, showing you precisely the necessary modifications. We also have an installation team that works quickly and efficiently if you need things installed immediately.

When a stroke happens, we hope you will contact us as soon as possible. We will do all we can to provide you with the knowledge and products you need for your new normal.