Next Day Access offers two options for patient lifts – a free-standing lift over a bed or in a bathroom or a ceiling lift that is attached to the ceiling of the home to offer added flexibility in moving the patient to different areas. The advantages of a fixed-lift patient lift system include:

  • Higher lift capacity
  • Easy-to-use battery charger
  • Proven longevity
  • Easy-to-use and unobtrusive carry bar

A fixed ceiling lift encompasses a powerful motor unit which resides in the track system and functions as a permanent transfer and lifting solution. The fixed ceiling track system can be used in a single room or installed to transfer a patient from room to room.

Residential and Commercial Delivery and Installation for Patient Lifts

Next Day Access offers a wide selection of high-quality patient lifts, designed to make caregiving easier and safer. View our products to see which one is the best fit for you.

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Mackworth CP440 Fixed or Portable Ceiling Lift

Mackworth TX600 Fixed Ceiling Lift