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Everyone’s living situation is different. Some people may have to work harder than others to achieve independent living, especially when stairs are involved in the home. Falling is one of the most common reasons why people get injured in the home. A study from 2014 published at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention indicates that more than 28% of adults aged 65 and older reported falling at least once in the previous year. This is an astonishing number, especially when you consider how simple it can be to prevent falls sometimes. A stair lift is a common solution. And if you’ve ever wondered if it’s the right time to get a stair lift installed, here are some reasons why others do it.

When Using Stairs Makes You Nervous

Some older adults get so used to being nervous navigating the stairs that it becomes a normal feeling. However, the next time you use the stairs, think about your feelings. If you are focused more on every step and the placement of your foot or are overly cautious about using handrails to stabilize yourself, it may be time to think about installing a stair lift. Imagine how much more peace of mind you’ll have when you can navigate the stairs without lifting a foot, and you can virtually eliminate the risk of falling at the same time. 

If You Have Balance Or Mobility Concerns

People with balance or mobility concerns may avoid stairs completely to prevent falls. This could mean not accessing the second floor of the home, avoiding outdoors if stairs are involved, and not having the quality of life they may want. It’s understandable to be fearful about walking up or down the stairs if you have balance concerns, but it’s not a feeling you have to live with. A stair lift can provide a perfect solution to alleviate your concerns and help you feel more comfortable accessing different areas of your home.

Improve Independence In Your Home

If you get the feeling that your independent living efforts are not being successful due to mobility limitations inside your home, then you can regain some independence with a stair lift. Living the life you want inside your home is completely achievable when you have the right resources. Not being able to walk up or down the stairs safely is an obstacle that can easily be overcome with a stair lift and can boost your confidence significantly.

Next Day Access wants to help seniors improve their quality of life by providing mobility products and devices they need to maintain independent living. Many people think they have to move out of their two-story home as they get older and it gets harder to use the stairs. That can be an expensive decision when a better solution is often simply installing a stair lift. We are here to answer any questions you have, and we are always ready to provide outstanding service, so contact us today to learn more.

Pets provide many benefits to homeowners. They can be especially important for people enjoying senior living, as they can provide companionship throughout every day. One reason why people with mobility concerns are hesitant about owning a pet is because of the responsibility of caring for them. This is a valid concern for certain types of pets, but we’ve put together some thoughts about easy-to-care-for pets to consider for your home.


Dogs are some of the most common pets for homeowners for plenty of good reasons. Every dog has its own personality, so finding the right match for your home is possible. Dogs can be trained to help their owner with mobility concerns navigate their home and even outside the home. And if you simply want a companion inside the house, some dogs want nothing more than to cuddle next to you on the couch. Dogs need to be walked periodically to stay healthy, so if you cannot do so because of a physical disability, you may need to arrange for a dog walker.


Cats require little care and supervision as long as you provide them with a safe environment with food and water. If you keep your cat primarily indoors, you’ll need a box with kitty litter and give them some toys to play with when they get bored. Otherwise, cats love exploring outside and often don’t require a lot of attention. And some even want nothing more than to curl up in your lap or next to you all day long.


Hamsters are entertaining to watch and are low-maintenance pets to have in the home. You’ll need to invest in a safe cage for them to live in, and you may also consider getting a hamster ball to let them navigate around your home. Hamsters are entertaining to watch play in their cages, and some of them can be very active throughout the day. Cleaning the cage regularly is the main thing you will have to do with a hamster, but they are otherwise great pets for senior living.


Parakeets are fun pets since they can be trained and can sing calming tunes to you sometimes. Caring for parakeets requires a little more hands-on effort since you’ll need to clean the cage regularly. But other than that, the beauty of a colorful parakeet singing in your living room or bedroom is a unique and relaxing experience you can enjoy every day.

Next Day Access believes pets are great for senior living. Even though animals can’t talk to you, you can get the sense that they are your friend simply by the way they interact with you and respond to your words. Some pets require more care than others, and if the difference between getting a pet and not getting one is mobility concerns you may have, then we can help alleviate those concerns. Our mobility products are designed to help you enjoy senior living to its fullest extent, so contact us today to schedule a free assessment and see how we can help make your home more accessible.

Adverse weather conditions can be difficult for a person with mobility limitations to navigate. Even having a wheelchair ramp installed at your home may require extra caution when the surface is wet, icy, or slippery in other ways. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, three million people over the age of 65 get treated in the emergency department every year because of a fall, and more than 800,000 of those patients are hospitalized as a result. Preventing falls should be a priority for anyone striving for independent living. And when it comes to your wheelchair ramp, the type of surface you have makes a difference. Consider these points if you’re thinking about investing in a wheelchair ramp.

Benefits Of A Solid Surface Wheelchair Ramp

Many homeowners like the look of a solid surface wheelchair ramp. The solid surface offers great stability due to the construction of the materials and is designed to withstand some of the harshest winter weather elements. However, when it comes to accessibility, some precautions need to be taken before walking on them during adverse weather conditions. A solid surface wheelchair ramp will need to be swept off after a snowstorm since the snow doesn’t have anywhere to go. And rain can make the solid surface slippery unless you have non-slip mats to help you keep your stability. 

Why Mesh Wheelchair Ramps Are Ideal In The Winter

A wheelchair ramp with a mesh surface may be more ideal in the winter since rain and snow can go through the open holes. The open mesh design won’t compromise the stability of the ramp and can make maintaining it during the winter much easier. Light snow will go through the mesh holes, while heavy snow may accumulate some depending on how severe the storm is. Still, it will be much easier to sweep off the snow through the mesh design and can provide you with more traction during slippery conditions.

Prepare Your Ramp For Any Weather Condition

Regardless of the wheelchair ramp you choose for your home, preparation for winter weather is critical. Some people choose to improve accessibility by placing non-slip rugs or mats on the ramp to reduce the risk of slipping. It’s also valuable to use calcium chloride salt to help melt the ice on your solid surface ramp. Just be sure to sweep or wash off the salt after the weather event to reduce the risk of slipping afterward. 

People who live in areas with frequent snow during the winter likely know what to do to live as normal of a life as possible. If you need additional accessibility at your home, Next Day Access offers both solid surface and mesh wheelchair ramps to suit your needs. We are available to provide you with tips and advice depending on your living situation and keep you as safe as possible this winter. Feel free to contact us at any time to learn more about our options and how to stay safe with a wheelchair ramp this winter.

Approximately 61 million adults living in the United States have some type of disability, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. This is a significant portion of the US population, but a person with disabilities is often treated differently when out in public among other people. Just because a person is in a wheelchair or has a physical disability that limits their ability to do certain tasks doesn’t mean they should be treated as someone other than an adult. Sometimes you may have good intentions, but the presentation of your words or actions could be received differently. Keep these tips in mind the next time you interact with a person with disabilities.

Treat Wheelchair Users Like You Would Other People

An adult in a wheelchair should be treated just like an adult who is not in a wheelchair. A common thing people do when talking to or helping a person in a wheelchair is patting them on the head or the shoulders while talking to them or after leaving the conversation. Think about how often you would do this to a person who is not in a wheelchair. Chances are you don’t do it at all, and it can be received as being very demeaning to the person in a wheelchair.

Be Genuine When Offering Assistance

Being genuine when offering assistance means not assuming what the person in a wheelchair is capable of. For example, if there is an item high on a shelf they are looking at, don’t just grab it for them without asking. Simply ask if they need help reaching something and wait for their answer. Some people will be grateful for your assistance, while others may have specialized tools to help them reach the item. By assuming the person needs help in these situations, you could be demeaning them unintentionally.

Don’t Talk About Why They Are In A Wheelchair

It’s not polite or appropriate to ask a stranger why they are in a wheelchair. If they offer the reason on their own, then it’s acceptable to ask other questions since it indicates they are open to talking about it. Otherwise, the reason why they are in a wheelchair may be difficult for them to think about and could stir up some emotions they don’t want to have.

Speak Directly To Them And Be Positive

If you’re talking to a wheelchair user who has another person next to them, be sure to make eye contact and speak directly to the wheelchair user. Some people just talk to the person standing next to them and ignore the person with disabilities. While it may be unintentional, it’s disrespectful to the wheelchair user and can make them feel inferior at the same time.

Next Day Access wants to help anyone with a physical disability navigate life easier. Treating people with respect regardless of their situation is the right thing to do, especially when they are an adult just like you. If there’s anything we can do to help you improve your mobility or the mobility of a loved one, contact us today.

Anyone who uses a wheelchair or mobility scooter regularly encounters accessibility obstacles daily. Things like curbs in parking lots, soft or uneven ground, narrow doorways, and other similar things don’t seem like a big deal to a person who is not in a wheelchair, but it makes it impossible for a wheelchair user to access different areas. Existing buildings and facilities can improve their accessibility by checking out this ADA Checklist. Simply being aware of what spaces are not wheelchair accessible and working to improve them will go a long way in helping people with disabilities.

Workplace Obstacles

The workplace is a common area where people with disabilities have trouble accessing certain areas. Many times the entrance won’t have a wheelchair ramp, or if it does, it’s barely wide enough to fit a wheelchair on. Tight turns in office spaces are difficult for wheelchair users, and the restrooms are often problematic as well. People with physical disabilities shouldn’t have to struggle with being comfortable at work, so if there are any accessibility limitations you deal with, discuss them with your employer.

Tight And Narrow Restrooms

Public restrooms are often very tight and narrow, making it nearly impossible for a wheelchair user to quickly and effortlessly get in and out. Public restrooms are required to have wheelchair accessible stalls with grab bars. The sink and toilet heights also have to be adjusted to accommodate people in wheelchairs. If these components are not in place, it can make things very difficult for a person in a wheelchair to use the restroom.

Poorly-Designed Or Non-Existent Wheelchair Ramps

If a business doesn’t have a wheelchair ramp outside its establishment, there is no way for a wheelchair user to access it. Some businesses have a wheelchair ramp, but it may not have been built professionally, so it appears unsturdy, not wide enough, too steep, or dangerous in other ways. Every wheelchair ramp has specifications that must be met to be ADA compliant. Otherwise, if the ramp itself is dangerous, then it’s not doing any good for a person with disabilities.

Grocery Store Obstacles

Some grocery stores are more wheelchair accessible than others. The good ones will have wide aisles, parking spaces close to the entrance, and allow people to use mobility scooters with a basket attached. However, some obstacles are difficult to avoid, like having certain items high on shelves. This obstacle can be combated by having employees readily available to assist when needed.

Next Day Access strives to make every space wheelchair accessible, so people with disabilities don’t have to struggle with accessibility. Sometimes all it takes is a simple wheelchair ramp to make life easier for a person in a wheelchair. Other times various modifications in and around the building will need to be made. If you notice any area of a building that may have accessibility concerns and needs attention, contact us at any time, and we would be happy to assess the area and make appropriate recommendations.

People with mobility concerns often struggle with raised entryways and landings, even if it’s just a couple of inches. When you’re planning to invite guests to your home for a holiday event, taking a close evaluation of these entryways and landings can make a huge difference for some of your guests. These could include steps to enter your home, sunken dining rooms or living rooms, raised thresholds to enter the bathroom or other rooms, and more. The goal should be to create smooth surfaces throughout your home, especially if you have a guest in a wheelchair. Placing a threshold ramp in certain areas of the home can make a significant difference and create a safe environment for your guests with mobility concerns.

Eliminate Common Trip Hazards With A Threshold Ramp

It doesn’t take much of an elevation change to create a trip hazard for people who don’t have a lot of balance or stability. And for people in a wheelchair or mobility scooter, a raised surface as little as one-inch can be an obstruction. Another common trip hazard during the holidays is extension cords that power your holiday decorations. You may have them taped down along the walls and across entryways, but a person with mobility concerns can easily trip on them if they don’t see them or misjudge how high they need to pick up their feet. A threshold ramp is a simple solution to eliminate these types of hazards.

Evaluate Other Areas Of Concern In Your Home

Think about where your guests will need to go inside your home. If you have a two-story home, then evaluate whether there’s any reason why your guests will need to access the second story. Assuming you have everything you need for them downstairs, then ensure common areas like the kitchen, dining room, bathroom, and other rooms are easily accessible for everyone. And remember to assess the outdoor space as well. The entryway to your home may include a step and if you have a back porch or patio, be sure to install a threshold ramp in areas that may be accessed there as well.

Make Entryways And Hallways Wheelchair Accessible

Entryways and hallways can be made wheelchair accessible simply by installing threshold ramps in many situations. You may not necessarily be able to make these spaces wider for wheelchair users, but eliminating any type of raised surface can make a world of difference for them. Consider removing tables and other types of decor you have that could obstruct a person’s ability to walk down hallways easily. Eliminating these possible trip hazards are equally as important as placing a threshold ramp to cover raised surfaces.
Next Day Access can help you eliminate any potential hazards if you have people with mobility concerns visiting your home this holiday season. What many people don’t realize is how simple and portable certain mobility products and aids are. A simple threshold ramp can make a huge difference to a person in a wheelchair or anyone that has trouble walking. Before you host guests this holiday season, contact us to schedule a free home assessment to ensure your home is accessible for everyone.

Hosting a holiday event at your home can be a great honor. However, hosting an event brings a new level of responsibility to ensure every guest is accommodated. Depending on the layout of your home and whether any of your guests may have mobility limitations, you’ll possibly need to consider making your home more wheelchair accessible. The good news is a portable wheelchair ramp is simple and quick to install and can be removed soon after your event has ended. Installing a mobility ramp can make a huge difference in the experience your guests with mobility limitations have, and here’s what you need to know about them.

How Simple Are Portable Ramps To Install?

A portable wheelchair ramp can be installed on your own, in most cases. But if you are unable to do so or are too busy to complete the task, then a professional can come to your home and evaluate the ideal placement. The length of a portable mobility ramp can vary, so you are sure to find one that suits the unique needs of your home. They can hold up to several hundred pounds and are lightweight enough to be moved aside when not being used. Depending on how your home is set up, you can put a portable wheelchair ramp outside leading up to your home’s front door and even indoors if you have sunken rooms inside. 

Assess Your Home To Accommodate Holiday Guests

When you are hosting guests this holiday season, you’ll need to assess your home through a different lens. A small step down or up may not seem like a big deal to you, but even a step of a few inches can be difficult for someone with mobility limitations. Whether you want to make every area of your home wheelchair accessible or just want to eliminate a step, a portable wheelchair ramp may be a great solution. Consider also whether any of your guests use a mobility scooter or wheelchair to ensure the ramp you install is wide enough to accommodate their needs.

Create A Safe Environment For All

When assessing your home, look for any cords you have running along the floor or ground inside and outside the home. Holiday decorations typically require extension cords and some of them are difficult to hide. According to Electrical Safety Foundation International, roughly 4,000 people are injured every year around the holidays due to tripping on extension cords. Even if you have cords running along stairs or steps where they seem to be out of the way, a portable wheelchair ramp can cover them up to ensure they won’t get tripped on.

Next Day Access can help assess your home to ensure you can accommodate every guest you plan to host at your home. Portable wheelchair ramps are some of the most common aids people use for their holiday gatherings, and the good news is you can rent them for a single day or weekend use. If you’re planning a holiday event at your home this year, contact us to schedule a free home assessment, and we would be happy to provide you with advice and suggestions to create an accommodating environment for all.

People with diabetes often have concerns about the holidays. Whether it’s managing diabetes with the meals they eat, the stress the holidays bring, or anything else, it’s no secret the holidays add an extra element to trying to stay as healthy as possible. Preparing yourself ahead of time by putting together a plan can help you maintain healthy habits and get through the holiday season without any issues. And when that happens, you’ll likely have a much more enjoyable experience overall. Follow these tips to help manage your diabetes this holiday season.

Cut Fats In Your Holiday Recipes

If you are preparing holiday meals, consider substituting fats with healthier options. For example, use less oil than what a recipe calls for or substitute a portion of it with unsweetened applesauce. Using olive oil or canola oil are also good substitutes to use whenever possible instead of ingredients like butter. It may require some creativity to cut out common fats used in recipes, but it is possible to do.

Focus On Portion Control During Meals

When managing diabetes, portion control during holiday meals is essential. Consuming too much food can negatively impact blood sugar levels, so keeping your good habits is something to be aware of. Visualize your dinner plate in four different sections. Choose a lean protein to take up one quadrant of your plate, your favorite carbohydrate for another quadrant, and vegetables for the remaining half of your plate. Of course, the size of your plate makes a difference too, so consider that along with the ingredients contained within each dish.

Keep Stress Levels Under Control

Stress is sometimes an inevitable part of the holidays, and it’s important to keep those levels under control when managing diabetes. Whether it’s mental or physical stress, blood sugar levels can be impacted if you don’t work to manage it. Practice deep breathing exercises, yoga, or other forms of meditation before potentially stressful events. And when all else fails, remove yourself from any situation that may cause you to be stressed.

Exercise Before And After Meals

The good habits you have put in place all year don’t have to be thrown out the window during the holidays. You may have to get creative with your exercise routine, but most of the time, you should be able to find 15 minutes before and after holiday meals to get some physical activity in. Doing so could help curb your appetite and help avoid overeating if that’s one of the concerns you have. 

Next Day Access is here to help seniors and people with disabilities enjoy the holiday season. We offer various mobility aids and devices designed to help people be safe, whether they are in their home or visiting another home. Managing your diabetes is critical during the holidays, and it’s possible to do with some effort and planning. If there’s anything we can do to assist you this holiday season, contact us at any time.

Holiday meals with family and friends are things most people look forward to every year. The hardest part is sticking with the healthy habits you’ve created the entire year. Some people believe they have to avoid foods high in sodium and other unhealthy ingredients, while others eat anything they want and understand that their healthy habits will go to waste. By cooking with the right ingredients and eating the appropriate foods, you can find yourself somewhere in the middle. You can enjoy a great meal or two and still feel healthy in the process. Here are some valuable tips to help you enjoy a great low sodium holiday meal.

Avoid Packaged Or Pre-Prepared Foods

It may be easiest to buy some packaged or pre-prepared foods to serve at your holiday meal. However, whether you’re worried about an aging parent’s health or just want to serve the healthiest meal possible, it’s ideal to avoid these. Things like canned cranberry sauce, pre-packaged pecan pies, sweet potatoes, and other common holiday meal items contain a significant amount of sodium. Making these items from scratch is always ideal since you can control what ingredients you put in.

Choose The Freshest Meat Possible

Holiday ham is one of the most popular items served at meals, but it’s loaded with sodium. Chicken and turkey may also have a high sodium content since those items are often injected with different ingredients for flavoring and to make it appear larger. If you’re providing senior care for a loved one with health concerns, it’s worth speaking to a butcher or read on the labels to find out which meats have the least amount of sodium added and opt for those.

Opt For Unsalted Soup Stock Or Broth

Cream of mushroom soup, cream of chicken soup, and other similar soups or broths are common ingredients in holiday meals. They give certain food items a great flavor, but they are also loaded with sodium. Low-sodium products may seem like the answer, but they are often substituted with potassium chloride, which may not be ideal for an aging parent either. A few brands are available that make unsalted broths and soups that don’t contain any potassium chloride. Use these products whenever possible, to have healthy and filling meal options.

Choose Cheese And Butter Wisely

Cheese and butter are also common holiday meal ingredients but aren’t very good for maintaining healthy habits. However, you don’t have to avoid these tasty ingredients altogether. Opt for using unsalted butter whenever possible, and choose cheese naturally low in sodium. Good cheese options can include ricotta, swiss, goat, natural cheddar, and brie. While these are lower-sodium options for cheese, they still include it, so limiting the quantity is important to keep in mind as well.

Ensuring your aging parent can enjoy a holiday meal and remain healthy is important. If you need any more tips or tricks to help you care for a loved one this holiday season, contact Next Day Access at any time.

The year 2020 was a rough one for many people for numerous reasons. As the page has turned to the new year, you have the opportunity to have a different outlook and a better perspective on what 2021 will be. You may not be able to control certain circumstances, but you can control your attitude, relationships, and healthy habits. With all the negativity in the news across the world, one thing many of us can do is work on ourselves both physically and mentally. Here are a few suggestions that can help you make 2021 the greatest year yet.

Communicate With Friends And Family More

Whether you’re safely visiting friends in person or communicating with them over the phone or other digital platforms, create a good habit of reaching out to them more. The busy lives we all have often means not talking to the people who mean the most to us in life as much as we’d like. It’s healthy for your mind and body to keep in touch with loved ones frequently. Part of successful independent senior living is finding a purpose in life. When you look forward to talking to a friend or relative every day, you’ll have something to be excited about and can fulfill your purpose every day.

Incorporate Healthy Habits For A Better Lifestyle

Many people make a New Year’s resolution to eat healthier. Seniors should adopt this good habit as well. Seniors with any type of condition or disease need to pay attention to what they eat and incorporate plenty of fruits, vegetables, grains, and the right portions of dairy and meat. Sometimes it’s easier to stick with healthy habits if you plan meals in advance. You may have to do a lot of cooking up front, but then you can portion out various meals throughout the week to prevent overeating. Combining a great diet with sufficient exercise can help make 2021 your healthiest year no matter your age.

Enjoy The Good Moments In Your Life

The simplest New Year’s resolution anyone can have is to take a step back and enjoy all the good moments in your life. There are plenty of negative things to watch on television, but take a moment to look closely at your immediate situation. If you have a home, a loving family, food in the pantry, great friends, and good health, you have plenty to be thankful for. We often hear that we should be living life to the fullest, but many people don’t know exactly what that means. In some regards, living life to the fullest simply means enjoying the good moments in your life every time they are present.
At Next Day Access, we want to help seniors have a great 2021 and beyond. We offer mobility products and devices to help keep you moving in and around your home. If you could use some assistance in your home with mobility, contact us at any time, and we would be happy to provide you with a free home assessment to see how we can help.