The first mobility scooter that ended up being a commercial success, was invented in 1968 by plumber, Alan R. Thieme. The idea came to him when he realized the lack of mobility options that was available for a family member who was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. His scooter could travel at three to four miles per hour, and before he knew it, people from all over the United States began making requests for the scooter. 

Every year, new scooter models are created with better comfort, tech, and ergonomics. They have become more comfortable and easier to operate. A scooter is often best for people who tire easily, have limited flexibility in the upper body, and whole-body disabling conditions. 

Why Use Mobility Scooters?

There are several benefits to purchasing a mobility scooter. Here are some of the ways a mobility scooter can improve your life: 

  • Increased Accessibility- Modern mobility scooters fit perfectly with the ever-changing ways people socialize. Shopping Centers are constantly improving accessibility, making it much easier for mobility scooters to access. 
  • Injury Prevention- With the aid of mobility scooters, the chances of fall-related injuries decrease significantly.  
  • Comfort- Owning a mobility scooter limits the need for physical movement. If you have had an injury or illness, not having to overly exert yourself can allow for a more comfortable healing process. 
  • Increased Independence- Mobility scooters mean independence on wheels. Rather than having someone push on a wheelchair, scooters make it easier for the user to leave the house when they want.

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