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When aging adults reach a point where they have accessibility concerns, it is time to consider remodeling their bathrooms to keep them safe. A bathroom not designed for aging adults has many slip hazards, and a simple fall could be more painful and debilitating for an aging adult. Next Day Access offers many solutions to make the bathroom as safe as possible for aging adults. Here are a few tips to keep your aging loved one safe in their bathroom. 

Install Grab Bars, Shower Handles, or a Tension Mounted Pole 

Aging adults with poor balance will try to steady themselves by grabbing a towel rack or wall-mounted sink. Neither is designed to hold a person’s body weight. Invest in sturdy grab bars, and safety poles. Install the grab bars on the wall around the toilet and in the shower with the shower handles. Make sure they are firmly bolted to the wall and are grip resistant. 

A newer concept for aging adults is the tension-mounted pole. It can be placed anywhere in the house where your aging loved one needs help with balance, but it is especially helpful in a bathroom, alongside grab bars and shower handles. The tension pole is a floor-to-ceiling metal rod with an “S” shape bar in the middle of the rod so your aging loved one can use a hand-over-hand technique to pull themselves up without injury. 

Consider Investing in a Walk-In Tub or Quick Tub Conversion Kit 

One of the most challenging moves for an aging adult with accessibility concerns is stepping over the tub to shower or take a bath. At Next Day Access, we offer walk-in tubs. The walk-in tubs have an outward swinging door that allows your loved one to walk straight into the tub. Many also have a tall seat in the tub, so your loved one does not have to bend down when bathing, or if they prefer to shower, the bench acts as a shower seat. 

The quick tub conversion kit supplies you with everything you need to turn your existing bathtub into a step-in shower while still maintaining a fully functional bathtub. It is similar to the walk-in tub, but it does not include a bench.  

Ensure the Bathroom has Slip Resistant Rugs and Mats 

It is inevitable that while showering or bathing, the bathroom floors will end up wet. Make sure to place slip-resistant pads down in the shower and ensure any rugs outside the tub or shower are also slip-resistant. 

Install a Bio Bidet 

To ensure your loved one gets as clean as possible and for even more ease in the bathroom, you could install a Bio Bidet. We recommend the extremely popular Bio Bidet because it offers both comfort and the functionality of a heavy-duty commode. The Bio Bidet also offers a cleansing method that many people have claimed is far superior to other bidets. 

Everything that Next Day Access sells we also install. Our experienced installation team will ensure that each bathroom product is secured correctly. Our goal at Next Day Access is for aging adults to be able to age in place. We provide several products that ensure the home is safe and comfortable for them. If you need help remodeling a bathroom to keep your aging loved one safe, do not hesitate to reach out to your nearest Next Day Access. We also offer in-home consultations to ensure the entire home is secure. 

Many family caregivers do not get proper training on transferring someone with mobility difficulties from one place to another. For example, one of the most common tasks is to help someone in a wheelchair move safely to a toilet. If you do not do the transfer correctly, you could injure yourself or your loved one. We found a few transfer tips from Daily Caring we would like to share with you.

Prep the Space

  • Remove rugs, bathmats, or any other trip hazards in the bathroom in the space you need for transferring. 
  • Move the wheelchair feet out of the way. 
  • Have your body set to perform the transfer. 
  • Move the wheelchair into the proper position and lock the brakes. 

Help Them Up From the Wheelchair

  • Have your loved one scoot up to the edge of the wheelchair and lean forward. 
  • Ask them to either hold your forearms or put their hands on the arms of the wheelchair and push up. 
  • Stand directly in front of them, hold their waist and stand up together, keeping your body stiff and controlled. Use your knees to lower and raise your body. Do not bend over. Bending over is how you could injure your back. 
  • If their legs are not strong, put your knees in front of theirs while they stand. This is called blocking. 
  • If they are weaker on one side, stand on that side to provide additional support. 

Sit Them on the Toilet

  • Using small steps, guide them to pivot and turn 90 degrees and back up until the toilet seat is at the back of their knees. 
  • Help them pull down their pants and undergarments. 
  • Have them bend their knees and easily lower themselves down to the seat. Once again, use your knees to raise and lower your body to avoid injury. 
  • Consider investing in a Bio Bidet. Bio Bidet is known for having the best toilets and toilet seats for all homes. In addition, the cleansing method utilizing a water stream sets them apart from their competition. The Bio Bidet will help ensure that your loved one gets as clean as possible after using the restroom. 

Return to the Wheelchair

  • Get them to move forward on the toilet seat and lean towards you. 
  • Ask them to hold your forearms and push up. 
  • Stand close to them so you can hold on to their waist while you both stand.  
  • Using small steps helps them pivot 90 degrees again and back to the wheelchair. But, first, make sure the brakes are still locked on the wheelchair. 
  • Once they feel the wheelchair seat at the back of their legs, they slowly return to a seated position. You will need to hold their waist as they take a seat. 

Essential Safety Tips

  • Never try to pull an older adult up. 
  • Bend from the waist. 
  • Do not let them hold on to towel bars or toilet paper holders, as these could be non-sturdy and cause them to slip. 
  • Make sure they do not hold you by the shoulders or the neck. This will help to prevent injury. 

At Next Day Access, anyone with difficulty in mobility can find products to help keep them safe at home and on the go. For the bathroom specifically, we offer Toilet Support Arms, Grab Bars, Drive Commode Chairs, Bio Bidets, and more. Contact us to see the many ways we can help improve your life. 

Getting an older patient to bathe can be a struggle for many family caregivers. The biggest concerns are if they do not bathe, they could develop infections, produce a strong odor, or become aggravatingly itchy. Here are a few bathing tips to keep aging adults healthy and clean while minimizing stress. 

Make sure the environment is safe

  • Use a handheld shower device to avoid spraying them in the face. 
  • Make sure the bath water is at a comfortable temperature. 
  • Make sure these are grab bars in the tub. Next Day Access offers an assortment of grab bars and can install them in the correct areas to help older adults feel steadier when they enter the bathroom. 
  • Use a shower chair to help aging adults that have trouble sitting in the tub. 
  • Keep the bathroom floor clean and dry to help avoid falls. 
  • If your patient does not already have a walk-in tub speak to the family about the importance of installing one. Next Day Access has a conversion kit that can be installed quickly and makes it easier for aging adults to enter the tub.

Set up a portable shower for patients

There are several new ways to get a patient to bathe even if that means installing a portable shower in a room. With a portable shower, they can stay in their wheelchair and easily roll into the shower area. The portable shower has its own drain and an easy set-up process. A portable shower could ease patients’ concern over bathroom safety, and they will likely be glad they do not have to leave their wheelchairs.

Consider opting for a sponge bath

Bathing and showering are the best ways to clean the body, but if this is not possible, a sponge bath is a good alternative solution. Here’s a helpful step-by-step guide on how to give a sponge bath. 

  • Gather all the supplies you will need and make sure your older adult is nice and warm. 
  • Start from the face and head and move down the body. Clean the private areas last. 
  • For privacy and warmth uncover only the body part that is being washed. 
  • Be sure to use gentle strokes. Remind yourself their skin is far more sensitive. 
  • Use a different washcloth for each area so you do not transfer dirt by using dirty washcloths. Remember, the goal is to get them as clean as they would get from an actual shower or bath. 

We hope these tips will help you have an easier time bathing your loved one or patient. At Next Day Access, we have everything you need to ensure aging adults living in place will feel safe not only in their bathroom but throughout the house. Contact us today for a complimentary in-home consultation. 

Every January is a time for us to take extra precautions while bathing. Taking a bath is a regular occurrence, but it is also a potentially hazardous activity. According to The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), drowning is a leading cause of death. Infants and adults older than 85 are most likely to drown in a bathtub. This grim fact is why we place importance on bath safety each January. In honor of bath safety month, let’s look at a few ways to improve your bathroom safety. 

The National Institute on Aging reports 80% of people 65 years and older fall in the bathroom. At Next Day Access, our goal is to help seniors aging in place and people with disabilities feel comfortable, independent, and safe. We offer a variety of products to make your bathroom safe such as the following.

Quick Tub Full Convertible Kit 

Stepping over a tub to get in for a bath is the quickest way to cause a trip and fall. To prevent this, you can convert your bathtub into a walk-in shower by adding a small door to the side of your tub. Our Full Quick Tub Convertible Kit supplies you and your loved ones with everything you need to turn your existing bathtub into a step-in shower while maintaining a fully functional bathtub. Converting back and forth only takes a few seconds.

Rane- RA2 Tahoe Walk-In Bathtub 

The RA2 Tahoe is a freestanding or built-in tub designed for small to medium-sized bathrooms where space is limited.  The low threshold and wide inward swinging door allow easy access for people with various degrees of mobility. The roomy contoured seat allows the user to sit comfortably and safely in a slightly reclined position.  

Invisia Accent Ring 

The Invisia Accent Ring is another form of a support bar that provides support directly above your shower valve when bending over or reaching to turn the water on or off. The Invisia Accent Ring is stylish with a chrome finish and looks sleek above your faucet. 

Prestigio Chrome Flange Folding Grab Bar 

Grab bars should be placed strategically throughout the bathroom. This grab bar folds back when not in use which makes it convenient to use. The folding feature also makes it convenient to access.

Next Day Access offers many different styles of grab bars to choose from. When you consult with one of our experts, we can help you figure out the proper placement and correct grab bars for your home. 

Many of these products can be installed quickly with little interruption to your daily activities. At Next Day Access, we respect your time and privacy and will work around your schedule to make the process run as smooth as possible.  

We hope you will browse the website or come to our store to see the bathroom safety options we offer. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at Next Day Access for help to make your bathroom safer. We can provide a free estimate for you. Remember, we are here to help you feel comfortable, independent, and safe.

If you experience mobility challenges, you know getting into a shower and showering comfortably can be challenging. At Next Day Access, our mission is to help seniors aging in place and people with disabilities feel comfortable, safe, and independent at home. We offer a variety of styles of shower chairs to help increase your comfort and ease of access. We hope our list of shower chairs will help. 

What is a Shower Chair?

Before we discuss the assorted styles of shower chairs, just what is a shower chair? According to Chair Institute, “A shower chair is typically a four-legged chair with rubberized feet, usually made with aluminum legs and a durable plastic seat used to provide additional support in the bath or shower and to make getting in and out of the bath and shower easier.”

Folding Shower Seat

This sturdy assistive bathroom aid is a favorite among customers. The seat stays installed in the shower and folds up when not used. When users go into the shower, they only need to pull the seat down, and voila, a shower seat. These seats usually have a grab bar nearby to supply an added level of safety. 

Transfer Bench

Transfer benches are extremely helpful when moving from a wheelchair to a shower bench. It has two rubberized feet placed outside the tub, with the other two inside the tub. The rubberized feet supply a sturdy grip on the floor. The user slides across the wheelchair to the bench. 

Folding Stool Style

This stool is considered the most cost-effective and simple to use. The durable stool has rubberized feet and handgrips to help them move to and from the shower. No seat on the back helps with washing that area of the body. It also helps the stool to be easier to carry out of the shower 

Aluminum Bath Chair

Aluminum frame bath chairs are lightweight, durable, and corrosion-proof. The chairs come with simple instructions and assemble quickly. The legs are height adjustable for your needs and angled with suction-style tips which provide additional stability in the shower.

You will find most of these shower chair designs at Next Day Access, and if we do not have them in stock, we can get them ordered for you. We want to keep you safe, comfortable, and independent. 

One of the biggest priorities of caregivers and family members is keeping our loved ones safe and healthy. When it comes to caregiving aids, Next Day Access understands even the simplest product has a difference in comfort, safety, and independence. Transfer poles are only one of many solutions designed to make life easier for both individuals.

What are transfer poles?

A transfer pole is a floor-to-ceiling grab bar. They provide safe and secure support for sitting, standing, or transferring a loved one to their mobility device. It can reduce slipping or falling in the bathroom, bedroom, or even the living room.

Types of transfer poles

If you have trouble deciding which transfer pole will best accommodate your loved one or patient, our accessibility experts can help you choose. Here are some of the options we offer:

Stander Security Pole and Curve Grab Bar

The Stander Security Pole and Curve Grab Bar is a 2-in-1 safety solution combined with a transfer pole and a rotating grab bar. The grab bar has a 360 degrees rotation with a lock feature in eight different spots every 45 degrees. And no worrying about drilling holes in your ceiling because it is tension mounted. It secures in place by tightening the pole between the floor and ceiling.

HealthCraft SuperPole

We also offer the Healthcraft SuperPole. Designed like the security pole, it helps with standing, transferring, or moving in bed. However, the installation is different. The bottom of the pole has a jackscrew, which turns to create pressure between the ceiling and floor.

HealthCraft SuperPole with SuperBar

HealthCraft also offers the SuperPole with SuperBar. It is the same as the SuperPole but with an attached horizontal bar. It provides more stability and support for those who need more assistance anywhere in the home. Both the pole and bar have foam grips to make it more comfortable and prevent slippages on the hands.

Whichever pole you decide, it will make a difference in your and your patient’s life. The transfer pole creates a safer and more independent lifestyle for both of you. Let Next Day Access help you guide your decision. Contact us for a free in-home safety consultation.

One in four seniors fall each year, and out of every five falls, one results in serious injuries, such as broken bones or brain injuries. The statistics are scary, but falls can be prevented with the right equipment installed throughout the home.  

The CDC recommends installing grab bars in every bathroom of a home with loved ones choosing to age in place. They are often placed next to the toilet, sink, and inside and outside the tub or shower. Because bathroom floors can become slippery, by holding on to the bar, it can create a safer space. However, grab bars are not only installed in bathrooms but other places throughout the home. 

What is a Grab Bar? 

It’s graspable bar installed on the wall that helps maintain balance and lessen fatigue while standing. They help prevent injury for aging loved ones, people with a temporary or permanent injury, and others.  

Where to Install Grab Bars? 

As we mentioned, grab bars are essential for bathrooms, but it is also helpful to have them installed throughout your home. These days you do not have to worry about giving up style. You can find sleek, stylish designs that blend in with your home. Wherever you are wanting a grab bar, contact an accessibility expert to safely do the job.

How to Choose the Right Grab Bars? 

When you are choosing grab bars for your loved one’s home, there are various design options, including: 

  • Straight are usually installed horizontally but can also be vertically or diagonally. 
  • Folding can be folded away to provide extra space when not in use. 
  • Ceiling to floor is tension mounted and makes it easier to stand from your toilet, bed, or couch. 

It is not always easy deciding which grab bars will best accommodate you or your loved one. That’s why at Next Day Access, we offer free in-home consultations for our customers. With our evaluations, we can help you understand which solution will benefit you the most. We also offer installations from our accessibility technicians. Contact us to learn more about our free in-home safety consultations.

Source: https://www.cdc.gov/homeandrecreationalsafety/falls/adultfalls.html

Remodeling your bathroom when a loved one becomes dependent on a wheelchair for mobility isn’t always an option. This is why we offer Fawssit portable showers for our customers. After a long day, a shower is a perfect way to relax and unwind. However, when you suffer from a disability or injury, showering can become difficult and dangerous. The shower is designed to help people using a wheelchair get in and out of the shower with ease. 

How the Fawssit Portable Shower Works 

The showers come assembled, so no tools or construction is required. The only two things you need are access to an electrical outlet and a sink. The unit is set up within 15 feet of a sink (if a longer distance is needed, you can contact the manufacturer, and they can make hoses to fit your home up to 30 feet). The sides of the shower fold open and secure with velcro straps. The unit comes with a vinyl drain pan that sits on the bottom. The front opens, so the wheelchair user enters and exits the unit. Attach the shower head to the sink faucet, plug the pump into a 3-prong outlet, and voila, you have a portable shower!

Once done showering, there is no need to wait for the pan to drain. The pan is designed to keep water from leaking when the wheelchair user exits. When the individual is done showering, turn off the pump, dry the water off from the curtain and pan, then fold the unit to be stored away until its next usage.

Variety of Models 

There are a variety of Fawsitt Portable Showers. The Standard showers fit 220 lbs. And the Bariatric model can accommodate up to 400 lbs. There are also models for a reclining wheelchair or extra space for a caregiver aiding with bathing. When you are deciding which model will best fit your needs, our accessibility experts at Next Day Access store can help you.  

At Next Day Access, our goal is to help people with disabilities live independently while being safe and comfortable. Contact us for a free in-home safety evaluation. 

Source: https://www.fawssit.com/

Making a tiny bathroom accessible may seem impossible, but you can do it with some creativity. There are so many design options these days that you can easily create a tiny bathroom accessible while also being sleek and stylish. Here are a few tips to get you started with designing an accessible bathroom for a small space. 

Change the Door 

Most people with limited mobility may say that a barn style or sliding door is preferable over a swinging door. Maneuvering around a traditional swing-in or swing- outdoor can be difficult when turning a wheelchair. It is also a clever idea to widen the doorway. A wider opening is hassle-free and safer for anyone using a mobility device.  

Remove the Tub and Shower Enclosure 

Believe it or not, you can still shower in the bathroom if you tile the entire bathroom floor and set up proper drainage. Once you install an adjustable handheld shower, you can use large glass panels or huge shower curtains to contain the shower spray. Other options could be a walk-in tub or a bathtub modification kit. The kit allows you to turn any tub into a walk-in shower, creating a safer maneuver into the shower. 

Install a Smaller Sink 

A sink with a shallow basin at wheelchair height is ideal. When creating an accessible sink, allowing space for the wheelchair user to slide under is ideal. Think slim when choosing a sink. You can get one with counter space but leave the bottom area open. For a tiny bathroom, your sink needs to be small and as tucked away as possible. 

At Next Day Access, our goal is to help provide accessibility or mobility solutions to individuals with limited mobility or caregivers to help create a safer and more comfortable lifestyle. Our experts can help you design an accessible bathroom, even if space is an issue. Contact us today to schedule a free in-home evaluation.

There are over 30 million wheelchair users in America. Fortunately, there are new ways to redesign or modify a home to make it accessible for people with disabilities. Next Day Access provides accessibility within the home. When evaluating a home, our goal is to create a barrier-free living space, while making sure the home is safe and accessible. Next Day Access has a huge selection of home modifications products. We have knowledgeable, highly trained installation specialists. They can install any of the products quickly and efficiently. 

Bathrooms require many home modifications for disabilities. Disability living requires bathrooms to be safer and more accessible. Next Day Access has many products specifically for bathroom safety, functionality and accessibility. Here are just a few of the products we offer. 

Grab Bars  

Grab bars provide security, stability, and safety. Next Day Access offers a wide variety of grab bars from different colors and textures. Having one can greatly improve a person’s independence while in the bathroom.  

Walk-in Tubs 

Walk-in tubs are ideal for a person who has trouble standing for a while. Next Day Access also has a variety of tub models to meet accessibility needs. Some tubs can be built in or freestanding, have an inward or outward swinging door and accommodate people of all sizes. 

Bio Bidets 

Bio bidets are a unique brand of bidet’s offered by Next Day Access. Bidets in America are becoming popular, and for good reason. Bidets aid in cleanliness, comfort, and convenience. Next Day Access has multiple bio bidets to choose from, each with bells and whistles. Most of them also have remotes, which prevents excess movements while in the restroom.  

These are only a fraction of the bathroom accessibility products offered by Next Day Access. For additional information or to schedule a free home evaluation, contact us. Our professionals understand that independent living is a priority for individuals with accessibility or mobility needs. We will work with you to provide a comfortable, safe, and accessible home. 

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