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If you experience mobility issues, you know stairs can be difficult to navigate and dangerous. Investing in a stair lift is a fantastic option because this will allow you to stay in your home and access every part of the home.

You may not think you have the budget for a stair lift but moving could be much more expensive. This blog will debate whether investing in a stair lift is a better option than moving. Here are just a few of the benefits of an affordable stair lift cost.

The Cost of a Stair Lift is Worth It

Greater Independence

Installing a stair lift creates more independence and freedom. When climbing stairs has become a challenge for you, you may only find yourself living only on the bottom or top floor. You can access every room in the house when you can use a stair lift to get up the stairs.

At a recent Next Day Access meeting, one of the owners described a customer who was overjoyed when her lift was installed. Her mobility was suffering, and she could no longer make it up and down the stairs.

Her home was built with all the bedrooms on the top level, so she was confined upstairs. She had relatives that checked in on her, but she was often home alone. With tears in her eyes, she described how happy she was that she could now order a pizza when home alone.

Such a simple thing that many of us take for granted. This sweet lady is no longer confined to a portion of her home. When we hear stories like this, we are reminded of our why. 

Financially Responsible

Sit down with a notebook and compare the price of a stair lift vs. the expense of moving. Stair lift cost may be more affordable than you think. Usually, a stair lift is between $2500 to $4500. Stair lifts vary in price due to their different options, including a straight stair lift, curved stair lift, and outdoor stair lift.

When you work with a Next Day Access professional, we will do our best to help you find a stair lift that works within your budget, including the installation.  

Once you have determined the price of the stair lift, investigate how much it will cost you to move. If you are an aging adult, you likely have many things. Packing materials, moving van rental, and movers can rack up to thousands of dollars more than a stair lift.

Also, consider where you are moving. Do you have to pay someone to go through your things to get rid of items that will not fit in your new home?  

Next, look into the price of where you will be moving. The monthly cost is extremely expensive if you have chosen an assisted living facility.  

Lastly, a stair lift will increase the value of your home. A stair lift is a financial gain in the long run. Financial reasons are one of the main reasons many people choose to invest in a stair lift rather than moving. 

Avoid Stress

It has been said that moving is considered the #1 stressor for people. Finding a place, boxing up all your items, redecorating, and the move itself is enough to send some people over the edge. You likely also have many memories made at your current home. Ask yourself if you really want to start over somewhere new. 

There are three r’s to remember when determining if you would like to purchase a stair lift. Regain your independence, retain full use of your home, and remain in the home you love. 

Next Day Access can help you through the entire process if you decide to invest in a stair lift. Contact your nearest Next Day Access to schedule a consultation and get more information. 

For aging adults, the stairs in their homes can become too dangerous to navigate. They may have limited mobility, accessibility concerns, lack of stability, or weakened muscles. When the stairs seem too challenging, many aging adults may think it is time for an assisted living community or a home with no stairs. At Next Day Access, our goal is to find solutions so aging adults can age safely and comfortably at home. We offer various stairlifts, some even suit curved stairs. Many individuals do not realize how cost-effective it is to put in a stairlift rather than move. We can even have your stairlift installed in no time with as little intrusion on your day-to-day as possible. Other than stairlifts being cost-effective, here are a few other benefits you will find when choosing to install a stairlift: 

Stairlifts prevent injuries

Injury prevention is the most obvious benefit of installing a stairlift. You are less likely to slip and fall downstairs, which is the most common area that presents a high-risk fall. Just missing one step can result in a broken leg, hip, or other injuries. 

Stairlifts are easy to use

Stairlifts are extremely easy to operate. When using the stairlift, you sit on the seat, put on the seatbelt, and press the switch on the armrest. Once you are at the top of the stairs, release the switch, and the lift will come to a rest.  

If you find yourself at the top of the stairs but the stairlift is at the bottom, there are remotes you can leave upstairs and downstairs to send the stairlift to where it needs to be. 

Stairlifts are comfortable

You can purchase a lift with extra cushion, but most people feel the standard lift is already very comfortable. There is a stairlift called the Bruno Elite, which is considered the highest quality because the seat, back, and armrest all have padded cushions. 

Stairlifts restore independence

We once had an installer tearfully tell us about a sweet interaction with a customer. The customer was so thrilled with her stairlift because she was always stuck on the top floor, too afraid to go down the stairs for fear of falling. She was delighted she could now order a pizza since she had a stairlift! It’s such a simple thing, but having independence in your home is vital for your physical and mental health.

These are just a few of the benefits of installing a stairlift in your home. Our goal at Next Day Access is to help aging adults and individuals with mobility difficulties feel safe and comfortable at home. We are able to do this because we offer several solutions for accessibility concerns, including stairlifts, wheelchair ramps, porch lifts, and much more. Don’t hesitate to contact us today for all your mobility and accessibility needs. 

Brian and Dave Clark, the founders of Next Day Access have been in the accessibility/mobility industry since 1997.  At that time, there were few companies of this type in existence. In the beginning, they installed wheelchair ramps provided for homes, churches, schools, and more with aluminum modular ramps. Thus, the history of Next Day Access began.

As time went on, the request for more accessibility products grew. The brothers found themselves installing grab bars, ADA toilets, patient ceiling lifts, vertical platform lifts, stairlifts, among several other mobility & products.

With over forty million Americans in the disabled community, they knew there was a need to get their services out there. Then, in 2010, they began to research ways to help more people in other communities.

In 2012, they developed a franchise business centered around supplying accessibility products as quickly as “the very next day.” That is when the official Next Day Access brand was born and in 2013, they launched their first franchise.

Today, we have over twenty-three locations and are growing quickly nationwide and internationally.  We saw the need and delivered.

Our Next Day Access Team

Along with making sure we are near our customers, we also have made sure that we have the best and most compassionate team available at each location. Our expertise is second to none, and our team members are passionate, driven, and knowledgeable.

We provide solutions to create a safer and more accessible space in all areas of the customer’s home and life. Many of the products that we offer can be installed very quickly with as little interruption to your daily activities as possible. We respect your time and privacy and will work around your schedule to make the process a pleasant experience.

Our installation team is highly skilled and will install products safely and efficiently. We understand that having to make your home accessible can be a sudden and unexpected expense. 

Our experts can help you set up a payment plan or offer rental options. We do our best to determine the right plan for you. To ensure you have everything possible to keep you safe and comfortable in your home, we offer a free in-home evaluation.

The evaluation allows our accessibility experts to understand your needs and wants to make your home accessible. Whether it is showing you the proper placement of grab bars or measuring for a wheelchair ramp, we can help find what solution works best for you. Contact us today if you have any questions or to schedule your home evaluation.

stair-lifts-home-accessibility-next-day-accessA stair lift can change your entire home and the way you are able to enjoy it. Problems with staircases and the physical acts of climbing and descending stairs are ended with a stair lift from Next Day Access and its locally owned and locally operated franchise.

It’s often a necessary addition to the home, and we applaud those who make the decision to install a stair lift. Why do we applaud people who put a stair lift in their home? Because it is a brave and bold move to acknowledge that things are not as they once were and that a bit of assistance is now required. There is joy in this purchase because one’s house becomes one’s beloved home again. And Next Day Access can take care of your needs for a stair lift outside the home as well as in it.

Customers often worry about the installation and how it will change their home’s structure. Nothing is done to the structure of the home to alter it any way.

Our payment plans should ease anyone’s concerns about the affordability of a stair lift. We not only work for you, we work with you. Our “Whole Home-Whole Life” approach means comfort and accessibility in your current home.

Next Day Access will develop a turnkey solution to let you remain in your residence comfortably and for longer. Figuring out mobility solutions in your home can be a puzzle. We supply the critical pieces.

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