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Everyday tasks can be challenging for aging adults due to certain health conditions such as low vision or weakened muscles. We rounded up a few products that we hope will make tasks less complicated. 

1. Clip-on book light

It is much easier for aging adults to see with additional light. The great thing about the clip-on booklight is that you can use it anywhere. It does not have to be just for reading. The booklight is perfect for reading as well as crafts or hobbies.

2. Large button remote control

The remotes that generally come with today’s televisions often have very small buttons. It can be frustrating for aging adults to figure out the correct button they need. You can help them easily transition from the original remote to a large button remote control. The simplified remote means they will have an easier time watching their favorite movies or shows. 

3. Bed Rail

Getting in and out of bed can be difficult for aging adults, especially if they have back problems, arthritis, or are recovering from surgery. Whatever the scenario, a bed rail is a helpful device. The rail assists them by offering additional stability since they can hold onto the rail as they get in and out of bed. Many rails also come with storage pockets that can hold their remote or glasses. Additionally, the rail helps to keep them safe. With the rail up, they are considerably less likely to fall off the bed.

4. Amazon Echo

Technology has come so far and has been helpful in so many ways. In this case, the Amazon Echo can act as an “assistant” for an aging adult. The Amazon Echo is a voice-activated device that plays audiobooks and music, tells the weather, reads the news, and more.  

5. Grab Bars

Grab bars are beneficial when aging adults need to use the restroom, especially as their muscles weaken. The bars make sitting and standing much easier since they can pull themselves up by leaning on the grab bars. They are easy to install, but you will need to be sure to install them in the proper place. 

These are just a few items to make everyday life easier for aging adults. There are many more devices available. In fact, at Next Day Access, our primary goal is to provide aging adults and people with disabilities items to make life better for them. We sell and install wheelchair ramps, walk-in tubs, grab bars, bed rails, scooters, and much more. Contact us today if you need more information. 

Would you love to have greater peace of mind that your loved one is safe and protected when you cannot be with them? An innovative new product aims to do just that for you. The product is called Smart Alert Tech. The product is a simple, unassuming way to monitor your loved ones and their daily lives.

How Does Smart Alert Tech Work?

The Smart Alert Tech is a Smart Plug that essentially serves as a plug-in plug. One part of the plug goes into the wall like usual, and then you plug something you know is used daily by your loved one at a particular time into the other side of the plug, such as a coffee pot or the television.

The product relies heavily on your loved one’s routine. As a result, you may want them to know that you will start to worry if they do not turn on the tv or coffee when they usually would. You then download the Smart Alert Tech app and check it every morning to see if they are up and starting their day with no problems. You can get multiple devices for added peace of mind if you want. Once you have paired the device, you can set the alarm to show that your loved one is maintaining their routine. 

Benefits of Smart Alert Tech

The Endless Capability-the Wi-Fi plug works with nearly any electronic device. Just be sure to pick an electronic device your loved one uses every day and pair it with the Smart Plug

It is more than just a Smart Plug-since you pair the device with your phone and can use a dedicated app to monitor your loved one, and this makes the Smart Alert Tech an exciting new option for keeping our aging loved ones safe. 

Offline Notifications-If you lose power or Wi-Fi and have an interruption in service, you will receive an alert via the app regarding the issue. 

Virtual Access-From anywhere in the world, you can change alert times, set vacation timers, check electricity usage, and more. In addition, you can give access to other family members, caregivers, or friends through the App.

At Next Day Access, we are always excited to share any new and innovative ways to keep your loved one safe and give you peace of mind. We also offer many products to keep your loved ones safe when they decide to age at home. Whether they just need grab bars in the bathroom or a wheelchair ramp installed, we can help. 

Today, there are close to 131 million people who use wheelchairs to move around the world. Most rely on the same decades-old technology to get around. Despite all of the improvements wheelchairs make to the quality of people’s lives, little has changed about the wheelchair. At Next Day Access, we are excited about any new gadgets and devices that could enhance our customers’ lives, so we researched disability products for the future. Here are a few of the new inventions we hope to one-day hit markets. 

Self-Driving Wheelchairs 

In South Korea, a company, Guru IoT, is currently developing a self-driving wheelchair. The wheelchair can navigate through a crowd and avoid hurdles. It also has safety features like emergency braking and more. The newly developed self-driving wheelchair can hopefully solve many problems that people with limited mobility face. Often, the manual wheelchair can be hard to use for children below a certain height or adults with weak muscle power.

Smart Chairs 

Say hello to “Luci.” Luci is a wheelchair accessory that can transform power wheelchairs into intelligent chairs. The frame, which attaches to the mobility device has eight sensors. It can perform tasks like reducing speed or stopping to prevent accidents.

With safety being one of the top concerns, the development team at Luci ran a series of crash tests to measure the different types of impact caused to wheelchair users. During their tests they found that 87% of power wheelchair users reported only one trip or fall in the past three years. So, while it has some room for improvement, it does look exciting. 

3D Printed Carbon Fiber Wheelchairs

Medical 3D printing has allowed for a reinvention with wheelchairs. Phoenix Instinct, a mobility equipment supplier in Scotland has developed the Phoenix i. The Phoenix i is a lightweight, carbon fiber wheelchair. This new invention makes it easier to have more control in terrains and greater flexibility and stability.

The advancements in technology is exciting and hopeful. At Next Day Access, our goal is to help keep you safe and comfortable while aging-in-place. Contact us for a free in-home safety evaluation.

Now more than ever, scams are much more common. While anyone can get scammed, most times, it’s your aging loved ones that are the victims. To help combat this form of elderly abuse, we went to Consumer Reports and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) to get their tips on keeping our loved ones safe from fraud artists.  

Of the different forms of elderly abuse, financial abuse is most prevalent. In these scenarios, a senior citizen is coerced, bullied, or tricked into relinquishing their hard-earned assets. Studies show that only 1 in 44 victims report the crime, making it more difficult for the FBI to combat it. Additionally, seniors may be less inclined to report fraud because they do not know how, or they may be too ashamed of having been defrauded. They also may be concerned their relatives will lose confidence in their abilities to manage their finances. And when one chooses to report a crime, they may be unable to give detailed information to investigators. 

“Often the ones in a position to see what is happening in time to help stop a fraud are the ones who are part of the payment process. They include the banks, gift card sellers, and others,” says George Slover, senior policy counsel for Consumer Reports. But there is still a long way to go in stopping fraud against senior citizens, and individuals are still the first line of defense.  

Here are a few tips to keep you or your loved ones protected against fraud: 
  • Search online for the contact information and the proposed offer. Sometimes you can find other people post information online about a similar scam. 
  • Resist from acting quickly. Scammers rush their victims and like to create a sense of urgency and persuade victims into an immediate action.  
  • Don’t respond to text messages or calls that come from numbers you don’t recognize. If it’s important, the caller will more than likely leave a voicemail.  
  • Be aware of emails that note a change of financial information, attachments, links, unusual content and requests. Validate changes to financial date by photo with a trusted contact every time.  

Your protection and safety are top of mind. To learn more about how to stay safe from fraud, the FBI site has a list of common scam scenarios, resources, and more. 

Dementia can be a frightening and overwhelming diagnosis. Fortunately, there is the technology that can help patients that live with the disease. These devices can assist caregivers and help your loved one feel safer and more secure. The devices ease anxiety and can help establish routines. We have compiled a list of cell phone applications designed to promote independence for individuals with dementia. Listed below are applications that can make memory loss more manageable and help caregivers ensure their loved one is safe. 

Talking Mat 

Staying connected with a loved one that requires memory care is essential to their safety and quality of life. Phones are not always easy for individuals with dementia to navigate. Now there are applications on cell phones that can help. Talking Mat is an app that allows caregivers to communicate their needs and preferences through pictures. It works by using unique, specially designed picture communication symbols. 

Greymatters: Reaching beyond Dementia 

This app is perfect for reminiscing. It is an online scrapbook of sorts. You can put family pictures on the app and add voice narration to help evoke memories. You can set it up in storybook format or as a memory card game. It also has a section for pop-culture references, so your loved one can see some of their favorite artists.


Founded by 3 former caregivers, MindMate is a popular app for aging loved ones. It is an all-in-one app to help keep the mind and body healthy. It has mental and physical workouts, recipes, games to stimulate the brain, and lots more. The app also offers other tools such as music playlists. Music can help with memory loss and evoke emotions. MindMate is a great app for caregivers to communicate with their loved ones or patients.  

There are many more apps specifically designed as memory aids. By harnessing the power of technology, apps can help people struggling with memory loss connect with loved ones and feel more comfortable. At Next Day Access, our goal is to help our customers feel comfortable and safe at home. We offer a wide variety of home modifications and mobility equipment to assist aging loved ones. Contact us today to schedule a free in-home consultation. 

If you are a wheelchair user, everyday tasks can be difficult and require help. Luckily, advances in accessibility and mobility equipment that will give you the helping hand you need. The most transformative technologies are still being refined, such as self-driving cars and prosthetic limbs (powered by mind control), but there are assistive technology devices on the market now that can make life a little easier. Here are a few of our favorites: 

Assistive Computer Devices 

If you are using a touch screen computer or tablet, a few different companies now make mounts that attach to your wheelchair and allow you to handle the device at any height. The apps also have accessibility options that refine the user experience specifically for people with disabilities. Once you download the app, you can set up voice-to-text typing, digital readers, oversized mouse, and keyboards, and eye-tracking computer systems that control the computer with your eye movements. 

Smart Home Assistants 

At-home digital assistants like Google Home and Amazon’s Echo decrease the amount of time you spend fidgeting with your phone or computer. These devices are set up as personal assistants and can manage all sorts of tasks. You can talk to the virtual assistants like a human, and they will respond. The devices can answer questions, give suggestions, set thermostat temperatures, and turn lights on or off. 


Smartwatches are a portable device that’s designed to be worn on a wrist. They synchronize with your smartphone, offer apps, and keep a record of your vitals. They can help you stay aware of your health by monitoring your blood pressure, heart rate, and several other health components. Additionally, since the watch syncs with your phone, you can do everything your phone does from the watch.  

If mobility or accessibility is presenting a challenge to your independence, Next Day Access has a solution. Our services include in-home consultations and product installation services. If you have any questions or you would like to schedule an in-home safety consultation, contact us today. 

Many caretakers, doctors, and nursing homes stress the importance of exercising mental health as well as physical health in seniors. A convenient and effortless resource to stimulate the brain is by using applications (apps) on electronic devices. There are several benefits to putting apps on your or your loved one’s devices, such as increased mood, self-esteem, improved memory, and cognitive health. We have compiled a list of the most popular and entertaining brain stimulating apps for seniors: 


Luminosity tops the list of brain-stimulating apps. Neuroscientists specifically designed the app for older adults. The app has over 50 different games that help challenge the mind by increasing critical thinking and problem-solving techniques. The games within the app vary tremendously, thus keeping it from ever feeling dull. 


Like Luminosity, Cognifit also contains several different games within the app, but you can compete with players from around the world. The app offers fun games to evaluate and train your memory.  


Elevate was selected by Apple as “App of the Year.” Another brain training app designed to increase focus, speaking abilities, math skills, memory, and critical thinking. Users can set on a personalized training program that elevates over time depending on your increasing aptitude and skill level.  

Each of these apps offer a variety of brain stimulating activities to keep seniors sharp. As mentioned earlier, at Next Day Access, we care about our customers as if they were a part of our own family. It’s important that we share information that can help your mental health. If you or your loved one need any accessibility or mobility products for the home, contact us today to schedule a free home evaluation. Whatever your accessibility needs may be, we got you covered.  

An important part of senior living is staying as active as possible, both mentally and physically. Brain stimulation is critical as seniors get older to reduce the risk of cognitive decline. Engaging in activities like reading can keep the brain stimulated, and hand exercises are equally as effective. Using your hands and fingers requires lots of brainpower; here are some activities you can suggest for your aging parent to try.


Your aging parent might have sewed as a hobby many years ago. It’s a hobby that has become recognized for stimulating the brain because sewing requires creativity, which helps develop new brain cells. Some of the other benefits are reducing stress and depression and creating a calming environment. 

Playing Musical Instruments

Musical instruments like the clarinet, flute, or piano require a lot of hand and finger coordination. Playing an instrument or taking music lessons can help boost your aging parent’s brain’s health. It helps decrease the loss of memory and cognitive function. Simply playing the instrument for 10-15 minutes each day can stimulate the brain because of the precise and detailed motions.

Playing With Clay

Believe it or not, playing with clay is a great way to perform hand exercises. It is common for residents in senior living to play with clay because it’s an outlet for emotions, creates stimulation, and requires concentration. Picking up a simple physical practice like clay will enhance mindfulness and overall improve mental health. 

Hand Stretching

Simply flexing the fingers and hands can improve blood flow and keep the fingers flexible at the same time. Your aging parent should pay attention to this and consistently move their hands throughout the day, even when resting. A stress ball is an effective and easy way to do this. 

Next Day Access helps seniors with mobility concerns make life more comfortable and easier. Mental and physical health are vital, and there are many different ways to accomplish both. We are here to help your aging parent in any way we can, so contact us today to learn more about our products and services.

Caring for an aging parent is not easy. It is natural to feel frustrated, exhausted, and sad. The emotional and physical stress of caregiving is common, especially when the caretaker has many other responsibilities. However, some technological devices can help make the process easier. Here are some caregiver tips to consider when it comes to using technology into your daily routine.

Home Automation Systems

Having a home automation system in your loved one’s home can provide ultimate peace of mind. Security cameras keep them safe from possible intruders while also allowing you to keep an eye on them as they are home alone. And if your aging parent has a hard time getting up and moving around throughout the day, smart thermostats and lights will help them avoid moving around more than they have to.

Smartphone Apps For Reminders

If your loved one has a smartphone, download an app that sends reminders to take medications or go to their appointment. Remembering to take different pills throughout the day can be difficult. Therefore, regular reminders can help with sticking to a schedule. Or, if using a smartphone is hard for them, you can download the app on your phone and call when it’s time for them to take their medication.

Medical Alert Devices

A medical alert device can be an important part of senior care. These devices are in the form of a wristband that’s comfortable to wear throughout the day. If your loved one falls or has a medical emergency, emergency services are contacted immediately with a push of a button. 


Telehealth is a new way to see your doctor or physician. Instead of physically going into the doctor’s office and waiting, telehealth allows for the ease of getting diagnosed through a computer screen. They can remain in the comfort of their home and see a doctor in a matter of minutes to discuss their symptoms. 

Next Day Access provides many different options for helping you take care of your aging parents. Our mobility devices can give you peace of mind that your parents are safe, and they will feel more confident aging in place as well. For more caregiver tips and to learn about the products we offer, feel free to contact us at any time.

Technology has changed the way we do a lot of things in life. Telehealth appointments have been on the rise in recent years and have peaked drastically in the past year due to the pandemic. These types of appointments will likely remain as more of the norm than the exception, especially for seniors with mobility concerns who may struggle to get to their physical appointments on time. Since telehealth appointments are becoming more popular, here are some tips to consider to help you make the most out of yours.

Speak To Your Insurance Provider

Many insurance providers cover telehealth appointments, but you should call them if you’re unsure. The last thing you want to happen is to receive an unexpected medical bill in the mail. You might have to pay a copay at the very least, so calling your provider to confirm what is covered can prevent unwelcome surprises.

Write Down Pre-Existing Conditions, Symptoms, And Questions

Once you have the insurance situation figured out, you can prepare for your appointment with the doctor. It can be easy to forget things, so think about and write down any pre-existing conditions you have, symptoms you’re experiencing, the timeline of your symptoms, and any questions you might have. You could be limited to a certain amount of time at your telehealth appointment, so you want to make sure you cover everything you need to make the most of it. Be sure to mention any physical disability or cognitive disability you have, even if you don’t believe it’s relevant to your current illness or situation. Let the doctor decide whether it’s relevant or not.

Isolate Yourself To Minimize Disruptions

You don’t want your telehealth appointment to be interrupted by kids, pets, or anyone you’re living with. Tell anyone else in your household that you’ll be going to a quiet room and would appreciate privacy. Telehealth appointments are important to focus on throughout, so minimize as many distractions as possible to create a better experience for both you and your medical professional on the other end.

Charge Your Device

Another thing that often gets overlooked when preparing for telehealth appointments is the battery level of the device you’re using. Make sure it’s charged completely, and have your charger handy in case the battery life decreases quicker than expected. You might not be able to get up quickly to grab your charger if you have mobility concerns, so be as prepared as possible to have a successful experience. You might have problems reconnecting with the same medical professional, and you don’t want to have to start all over with a new one.

Next Day Access keeps up with the changing times we live in. Technology plays a vital role in our day-to-day lives so it’s something everyone should embrace. Telehealth appointments will be more of the norm in the future, which can benefit you greatly if you have mobility concerns. If you believe your home could be more accessible to help you navigate a physical disability or mobility limitation, contact us at any time to schedule a free home assessment.

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