Even though porch season is winding down, we wanted to share with our readers how convenient and efficient a porch lift, also known as a vertical platform lift (VPL) can be for people with limited mobility. A porch lift is a cost-effective solution to gaining access to reach raised porches, decks, and other elevated areas for wheelchair, power chair, and other mobility devices.

Often when there is not enough space for a ramp, porch lifts can be a solution. Here are a few reasons you might decide if one is suitable for you. 

Less Space Than a Ramp

Trying to decide whether you need a ramp or a lift? How much space do you have? A porch lift will require a 5′ by 7′ area regardless of the rise. A ramp’s size will increase with every step.

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) gives guidelines for ramps. It is a good reference point for ramp slope and length. At a residential home, the standards are different, but for public property, the ADA Standards require a 1:12 slope ratio or 4.8-degree slope.

That requires for every inch that rises, an additional foot is added to the ramp length. For example, if an entrance has three steps with a 7″ riser per step, it will require a 21′ ramp.

Although these calculations were based on a public space, it shows just how significant a ramp is compared to a porch lift. If your space is small at home, a porch lift can be a better use of space than a ramp. 

Simple and Safe Without Assistance 

Of course, there can be safety concerns with any moving platform. However, with a porch lift, you do not need to be dependent on a caregiver. If your mobility allows you to hold down the lever or button, you can operate a porch lift and thus be able to come and go as you please. 

It Works in Weather Conditions and Requires Little Maintenance.

Porch lifts can withstand weather conditions. If temperatures consistently drop below freezing in the area where you live, consider a cold-weather package to ensure your lift will run smoothly on frigid days. It is recommended to have your porch lift serviced annually to help avoid malfunctions. 

At Next Day Access, we are proud to sell, install, and service porch lifts. Our company goal is to provide products for our customers that give them more independence, keep them safer and more comfortable at home. Contact us to schedule a free in-home consultation to help you ensure your home is accessible as it can be.