Those who find themselves caring for a loved one often realize the difficulty it can be to help them access doorways and entrances. There are different types of wheelchair ramps suitable for use in a home setting.  Here is a look at some of the available options.

Aluminum Ramp

A popular material for ramps allowing access to a home is aluminum. These usually come in modules to be fit together. These modules work for most homes. You can also order a customized ramp if there are issues getting into the home. Aluminum wheelchair ramps are strong but lighter than other ramp materials which makes them ideal for moving around if needed. They also have a good strength-to-weight ratio so they are durable and safe.

Threshold Ramps

A threshold ramp, as the name implies, is designed to be used in a single doorway or opening in the home. It’s designed for an inside doorway, and one with a short rise. Even a seemingly small rise of 1.5” can be difficult when trying to get a wheelchair through the door. These come in a standard size and offer a safe incline for a wheelchair user to get up and down the ramp. Extra-wide threshold ramps are also available for larger entryways.

Portable Ramp

Portable ramps come in a variety of materials and sizes. The least expensive and lightest is made of aluminum. Portable options are available in different lengths and folding configurations to suit the need. They are designed to go along with you in a vehicle and use whenever, wherever they are needed. Whether at home or away, a portable ramp allows access to uneven surfaces like stairs or raised surfaces. The ramp is simply placed over the obstacle. 

The single-fold ramp is designed to be folded easily and carried to the location where it is needed. It can be installed in just a few minutes and taken down quickly when done. Multi-fold portable ramps extend farther than the single-fold ramp. They can be folded multiple times so it becomes a small pack that is easily portable. The longer length is beneficial when covering a longer distance, or a taller obstacle needing more length to cover the additional height.

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