Whether it’s because of the frigid winter temperatures or for health and safety concerns, staying inside is much more common this winter than in previous winters. It makes a lot of sense to stay inside from a health and safety standpoint, but you also can’t neglect your exercise routine at the same time. The aging population often strives for independent living, and being healthy is one of the main aspects of this. Even a person with disabilities can exercise from the comfort of their home. We’ve discussed several indoor exercises to keep you active throughout the winter and beyond.

Balance Exercises

Balance exercises are particularly important for the aging population. The better balance you have, the lower the risk you’ll have of falling and potentially injuring yourself. An injury can be devastating to your efforts of independent living, so it’s well worth the time and effort to work on your balance. A great exercise to do is to walk down your hallway or open space heel-to-toe with your arms out to increase your balance. Do this for at least 20 steps or as long as you can. You can also participate in one-leg-stands by holding onto the back of a chair and lifting one leg at a time for several seconds. 

Simple Indoor Exercises

Walking outside or going to the gym may not be possible for various reasons. The good news is there are plenty of alternatives you can do inside to stay active. Some of these exercises include riding a stationary bike, stair-stepping, toe lifts, walking in place, yoga, pilates, and much more. The idea of these exercises isn’t always to break a sweat, but rather to simply get your blood flowing. Doing exercises like this for a minimum of 30 minutes each day can go a long way in improving your health.

Why Exercising Indoors Can Improve Independent Living

Every type of activity you do can benefit your physical health. And when you’re generally healthy, you will be improving your independent living efforts at the same time. Balance concerns are always present with the aging population, and simple exercises like these can improve balance and reduce the risk of falling and getting injured. Independent living is possible for many people, but it takes some work to achieve and have some peace of mind.

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