Living with chronic pain isn’t easy, but many people are forced to deal with it. In a 2016 report published by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, more than 20% of adults in the United States deal with chronic pain. This type of pain can impact everything you do in life, depending on the severity. One of the biggest concerns people striving for independent living have is the inability to navigate their home to take care of their daily needs. It’s a valid concern, but the good news is there are some tips to help you keep your pain levels as low as possible.

Rest Your Body When It Needs It

Resting your body can be challenging when you’re naturally an active person. However, you have to pay attention to the pain points in your body and rest if they are becoming too painful. Your instinct may be to power through the discomfort and live life as normally as possible, but you could be doing more harm than good to your body. Chronic pain may not go away on its own, so your role is to respect your body and take a break any time you feel like you need to. Most things you need to do can wait, and if they can’t, then ask a friend, relative, or neighbor for help.

Prioritize Your Health

Consuming the appropriate food and beverages may not cure your chronic pain, but they can help make the body feel better. Focus on getting a healthy mix of fruits and vegetables, along with the proper proteins. Many health issues stem from improper nutrition. People with chronic pain who don’t practice healthy eating habits sometimes experience more severe pain than people who are healthier overall. Nourishing the body correctly is important for helping you cope with chronic pain and keep you moving as much as possible.

Seek Appropriate Resources When Needed

Utilizing the resources available to you means asking for help when needed or investing in some type of mobility device to help with independent living. One of the most popular products is a stair lift for people who live in two-story homes. Navigating stairs can be challenging enough as you get older and can seem virtually impossible when you add chronic pain into the equation. With a stair lift, you simply sit on the seat, press a button, and it will move you up or down the stairs. You shouldn’t have to sacrifice your home space just because you have chronic pain. Investing in the right mobility device can keep you moving and living freely in your home.

Next Day Access enjoys helping people live a more comfortable life when they are dealing with chronic pain. Sometimes a simple mobility device is all it takes to help people move around more and be healthier as a result. Living with chronic pain shouldn’t be taken lightly, and using the resources available to you is necessary. If there’s anything we can do to help you in your efforts to deal with chronic pain, contact us today.