When most people fall, it is common to get a bruise or scrape. However, if an older adult falls, the results are far worse, causing broken bones, head injuries, or worse. It is common for older adults to fall more frequently because of lower body weakness, difficulties with walking and balance, or vision problems. Studies show one out of every four Americans over the age of 65 experiences a fall each year.

There are many ways an older adult could slip and fall, but one of the biggest causes is misstepping. At most senior living facilities, you won’t find stairs, but what if your aging loved one wants to stay at home where stairs are inevitable? Fortunately, there are many ways to make your loved one’s home safe, even if stairs are present. 

How to Make Stairs Safer for Seniors Aging in Place:

  • Invest in a stairlift. At Next Day Access, we offer an assortment of stairlifts. Our stairlifts safely help your loved ones go up and down the stairs. Stairlifts are easy to use and can be installed within hours to a day, depending on your staircase.
  • Add non-slip strips. These strips can easily be applied with adhesive to the stairs. You could even apply them in areas of the bathroom that could get wet and slippery.  
  • Try to decrease stair time. Is it possible to reorganize the home where your loved one never needs to go to the second floor? Could their bedroom be on the lower level? You may not be able to cut out stair time entirely, but if you limit the amount of time your loved one spends on stairs, it may reduce the likelihood of falling.
  • Add hand railings to the stairs. If you do not have a set of sturdy hand railings on the stairs you should invest in them as soon as possible. The CDC even recommends have railings on staircases. Railings help with balance and support, reducing the chances of falling.
  • Do not use a carpet runner on stairs. Having a leveled floor is one of the best ways to ensure safety in your home. Although a runner is decorative for stairs, it can be a trip hazard for older adults. If you can avoid using rugs, it can help your loved one keep safe from tripping and falling.
  • Invest in ramps for outdoors stairs or single steps. Ramps come in all sizes and can be installed usually in less than a day. Next Day Access has a variety of ramps to fit your unique needs whether it be an outdoor or indoor ramp.

At Next Day Access, we provide, sell, and install accessibility and mobility solutions to keep your aging loved one safe and comfortable at home. We understand the danger of stairs for seniors and have many different products to help them navigate a home with stairs. Contact us to schedule your free in-home consultation. 

Source: https://www.cdc.gov/falls/facts.html