During times like these when people, seniors in particular, need to be distancing themselves from others as much as possible, staying connected is important. The aging population has traditionally been hesitant to adopt modern technology for various reasons. However, more of the older US population has invested in some sort of technology in recent years. 

An AARP study shows that roughly 90% of people older than 50 have a laptop or computer, roughly 70% in that age group have a smartphone and roughly 40% in that range have a tablet. Those numbers decrease when you get into the age 70+ range, but could be rising in recent months. Staying connected is critical for seniors living at home and here’s how they can adopt technology to accomplish it.

Listen To Podcasts

Whether seniors enjoy hearing about current events, sports discussions, how to enjoy senior independent living or any other types of discussions, chances are there’s a podcast they can enjoy. Finding the podcast could be challenging for seniors who may be new to modern technology, but once you show them how to find it a few times, they may be able to pick it up on their own. Keeping the mind stimulated is critical for seniors living at home, and listening to podcasts is a simple way to accomplish this.

Use Video Technology To Connect With Friends And Family

With the social distancing guidelines due to the COVID-19 pandemic, some seniors haven’t been able to see their loved ones in person for weeks. The next greatest thing is using technology to have video calls with friends and family members. Investing in a smartphone or tablet is worth it when you consider these benefits, and it’s much easier to figure out how to use them than you think. FaceTime, Zoom and other applications have been more widely used in recent months than ever before and can provide a great way for seniors living at home to stay connected with friends and family.

Share Pictures And Videos

Sharing pictures and videos regularly using technology is a good way to keep up with loved ones even if you can’t talk to them daily. There are plenty of photo-sharing applications that can be downloaded and used on smartphones, tablets and computers. It’s refreshing for seniors living at home to be able to see what’s going on in the lives of their family members, especially if grandchildren or great-grandchildren are involved. They may not be physically present to see them grow up, but at least they can see them regularly through photos using technology.

Technology has evolved to the point now where it’s easier to use than ever before. Staying connected is important for everyone’s mental health, especially during these times when we can’t get together as much as we would like to physically. Once seniors living at home get used to how something works, they will likely enjoy it thoroughly. If there’s anything we can help with at Next Day Access, contact us at any time.