New building construction today takes into consideration people with disabilities more than it has in the past. The goal is to create accessible spaces for anyone who would enter the building, no matter their age or physical abilities. The World Health Organization offers a checklist of the features age-friendly cities have in general. Many of these features can be incorporated into buildings today, even if it’s an existing structure like a church, office, business or any other place where people congregate.

Simple Adjustments Can Make A Significant Difference

Many times you don’t have to undergo a complete overhaul of a building to make it more accessible. Simply installing grab bars in areas like bathrooms and stairwells can make it much easier for people to enter and exit. You also don’t necessarily have to have a wheelchair ramp at each entry and exit point, but at least having one point for a step-less entry is ideal. Take a look around at different areas of the building as well and see what could be considered a trip hazard. Consider replacing thick rugs with thinner ones, upgrading the lighting down dim hallways, installing non-slip materials inside and outside entryways and more.

Mobility Devices To Consider Installing

If you want to take building accessibility to the next level, you could consider installing a stair lift, a platform lift, an elevator or any other type of mobility device you deem to be appropriate. These products can significantly reduce the risk of falling for people with mobility limitations. If your budget allows for these items, they are well worth the investment to ensure anyone who visits your building will have a safe experience. Budgeting is often a concern, so you could spread out these investments over time or even consider installing one stair lift for a designated staircase rather than installing it on every staircase you have.

Create A Safer And More Accessible Environment Today

New buildings are great examples to look at when it comes to disability-inclusive spaces. The goal is to make everyone feel safe, secure and included any time they enter a building, no matter what their limitations or disabilities are. Most existing buildings can be modified to improve accessibility when you work with reputable and trustworthy professionals. Accessibility experts can visit your building and provide recommendations for accessibility, whether it’s the strategic placement of grab bars or installation of a stair lift on each staircase. Creating a safer and more accessible environment isn’t as difficult or time-consuming as you may think, and the benefits are well worth the costs.

At Next Day Access, our accessibility professionals will recommend products and devices based on your needs and the needs of your guests. An age-friendly, disability-inclusive building doesn’t always mean making every area of the building accessible. You may just need one stair lift designed for people with mobility limitations, as well as a single wheelchair ramp. When you contact us, we will discuss everything from your needs, desires, budget and more to ensure you’re comfortable and confident before we proceed with making your building more accessible.