Grandparents are special people in our lives, so it is essential to show them we care. Every year our nation honors grandparents by dedicating the month of June to Care for Your Grandparents Month. Sometimes it is not always easy to show our appreciation to our grandparents.

Many of them do not want to be a bother to us, or it may seem they have everything they need. There are many ways we can celebrate them. Here are a few ways you can show you care: 

Provide Food

Take them out to dinner or cook them a nice meal. If you have small children, they can help prepare the meal. You could even see if you have a recipe from grandma to use for dinner. If your grandparents prefer to go out to dinner, take them to their favorite place. 

Visit Often

Stop by and visit often. If you live nearby, stop by their home to visit as often as possible. Grandparents do not get out like they once could and can feel lonely at home, especially since the Covid virus. If you feel safe doing so, stop by just to say hello, even if you are waving from the windows. This is an excellent opportunity to let them know they are on your mind. 

Send Mail

If your grandparents live far away, sending nice cards or letters are a lovely way to stay in touch. Of course, you should also call them to check up on them. Even if you only discuss the weather, the phone call will remind them that you think of them.  

Teach Technology

Teach them to use technology. Setting up an iPad for your grandparents could mean a lot. They will be able to converse freely and see pictures they may not see otherwise. This is a wonderful way to help them feel connected to the outside world. You can show them how to look up things that interest them. For example, if your grandfather is an avid bird watcher, you can show him websites he can visit to give him all the information he wants about birds.  

Help Clean

Help them clean around the house and the yard. As our grandparents get older, it is not as easy to mow the lawn, trim the hedges, sweep the floor, and put dishes away. We do not want our grandparents to feel uncomfortable in their home, and if a mess piles up, they are bound to get a little frustrated from the clutter. 

Modify Home

Make sure their home is safe and up to date on the home modifications they need as they age. If you notice a grandparent is unsteady on their feet, install grab bars in the bathroom or rails in the hallways. Is it time for a wheelchair ramp or a stairlift? Many people add modifications before they need them, so the cost does not hit them all at once when they do need them.  

At Next Day Access, we agree that grandparents are special, and we are honored to celebrate Care for Your Grandparents Month in June. If you notice your grandparents need any mobility equipment or they have accessibility concerns, we offer several solutions to keep them safe and comfortable at home.

From walk-in bathtubs to vehicle lifts we are sure to have whatever your grandparents need. Please check out all the products we offer to make your loved one feel more at ease and to give you peace of mind.