A great activity for senior living is planting a garden of flowers or having flowers located around your home. The process of planting the flowers helps keep you active, and having a porch lift can help increase your mobility and see the beautiful colors in your yard all summer long.

Choosing the right flowers is important and these ten summer flowers are easy to plant and grow no matter how skilled of a gardener you are.


Marigolds are durable flowers that need full sun. You’ve likely seen marigolds planted in different places before because they are so resistant to getting damaged or torn up by pests.


One of the reasons why begonias are so popular is because of the various colors they have. These flowers like shady areas and will produce vibrant colors all summer long as a result.


Lavender likes being planted in the sun and can thrive in various environments. The vibrant purple color is attractive and can make your outdoor space smell wonderful.


Caladiums are sensitive to the sun. They need to be mostly in the shade and can even survive indoors with minimal sun exposure. These are often used in landscaping since their green and pink leaves are subtly attractive.


Lantanas are virtually indestructible and are tolerant of the heat and drought. If you have a corner in your yard that looks bare and you don’t know what to plant there, chances are lantanas will survive and make your backyard look great at the same time.


Succulents are unusual due to their shapes and sizes and can add a unique aspect to your flower garden. When you’re enjoying senior living by watching your flowers grow, a succulent is pleasing and interesting to look at.

Landscape Roses

Landscape roses will likely bloom all summer long if they get enough sun. And since they come in a variety of colors, you can plant different ones around your yard for a colorful environment.


The chrysanthemum is a classic flower that looks great in virtually any environment. As you’re enjoying senior living in your backyard, you won’t regret having this flower to look at.

Calla Lilies

Calla Lilies have a unique vase-shaped structure and come in various colors. They are easy to plant and thrive when they have full sun.


Portulacas grow low to the ground and can essentially cover the entire ground where you plant them. They are heat-tolerant and don’t need a lot of care to thrive in different environments.

If you want to grow some amazing flowers in your yard this summer, but are worried about your mobility limitations, let Next Day Access help. We can quickly and securely install a stair lift to help you get from your porch or deck down to your yard without lifting a foot. One of the great parts about senior living is having the time to enjoy the fruits of your labor, so contact us at any time to see how we can help.