Dallas, Texas, July 31, 2023: The Next Day Access located in Celina, Texas installs the very first commercial FlexStep for a local church with the help of Liftup North America. This installation raises awareness of the importance of making businesses more accessible. It offers a simple solution that enables both wheelchair users and pedestrians to move between two levels with ease.

The FlexStep, created and produced by Liftup, is a unique 2-in-1 solution that saves space by combining both a flight of stairs and a separate lift. Liftup develops and markets welfare technology products for people with disabilities. Their goal is to help people with mobility disabilities to have the same opportunities as everyone else.

The key features of the FlexStep include:

  1. Built with Safety as a Priority: FlexStep has many safety features built in ensuring an optimized safety. The safety door and barriers prevent falling, and four intelligent, synchronized motors, one at each corner, ensure a smooth and safe movement between levels. The safety features give customers a peace of mind and confidence in operation.
  2. Flexibility with Product Customization: The FlexStep offers lots of customization options giving customers the flexibility to match existing aesthetics or the ability to choose something complementary. Customizable options include the finish material, color, installation configuration and more.
  3. Space Efficient Stairlift and Platform: This clever 2-in-1 stairlift and steps solution gives you both stairs and a platform lift even in the tightest places. The product can be configured as a flight of stairs, and then be transformed quickly into a platform lift at the touch of a button.

Next Day Access Dallas-Celina and Liftup North America partnered together to successfully install the first commercial FlexStep in the Dallas, Texas area. 

“Liftup North America is happy to partner with Next Day Access, knowing that our work together helps people with mobility issues reach new heights,” said Michael Casner, Business Development Manager.

“We are thrilled about our business relationship with Liftup as we recently partnered with them for a commercial FlexStep with our client, Custer Road United Methodist Church, making this the first commercial FlexStep installed in the Dallas area,” said Brien Caldwell, Vice President of Next Day Access Dallas-Celina. “The level of customer service and support has been phenomenal from the beginning. We are excited for the church as this FlexStep will allow its congregants with mobility challenges to access the stage with ease.”


About Next Day Access 
Next Day Access is a local provider for accessibility and mobility solutions for homes and commercial businesses. With over 30 franchise locations across the United States and Canada, their goal is to help aging loved ones and people with limited mobility and disabilities live safely, comfortably, and independently in their homes. Learn more by visiting nextdayaccess.com.