When you have a mobility concern, it’s easy to just stay at home where it’s safe and easy to navigate. According to the Bureau of Transportation Statistics, roughly 3.6 million people in the United States stay at home because they have a physical disability. Some outdoor activities may be a little tricky, but with some creative thinking, determination, and a travel wheelchair, you can expand your options. Here are some great activities to consider if you have a mobility concern and still want to enjoy the outdoors.

Camping Trips

Many campgrounds across the country have built-in accessibility features for people with mobility concerns. Just be sure to call the campground in advance to see exactly what features they have so you know whether you can bring your travel wheelchair or mobility scooter. You can request the flattest campsite possible to reduce the risk of falling on uneven slopes. Once you have all of the accessibility features figured out, load up your device on a wheelchair vehicle lift and hit the open road.

Hiking With A Travel Wheelchair

A lot of parks throughout the United States have hiking trails designed specifically for wheelchair users. These paths and trails have been smoothed out for easy access and are usually wider than a typical trail so multiple people can go through them at the same time. Gather as much information you can about a specific hiking trail you’re interested in, load up your travel wheelchair on an auto lift, and enjoy a great hike.

Strolling Through Beaches And Parks

Sandy beaches aren’t ideal for normal wheelchairs, but some beach locations offer wheelchair rentals with bigger tires that can navigate through the sand. Other beaches have boardwalks and other similar paths and trails you can easily use a wheelchair on. Parks are also becoming more accessible every year, from city parks with playgrounds all the way up to nationally-recognized theme parks. No matter your interests, you can find accessible beaches and parks to visit and enjoy even with a mobility limitation.

Paddle Sports

Paddle sports offer a great way for people with disabilities to get some exercise. When you use a wheelchair most of the time, getting on the water can give you a sense of independence that’s hard to match with any other activity. Paddleboarding is a common activity wheelchair users participate in, and many facilities have paddleboards explicitly designed for people in wheelchairs. 

Next Day Access wants to ensure people with mobility limitations aren’t limited when it comes to the amount of fun they can have. When you have the right mobility device, you can participate in many things you didn’t previously think was possible. A travel wheelchair is a great device to have, and an auto lift can easily take it wherever you want to go. We have a wide range of solutions available, so contact us at any time to learn about our options if you’re ready to head outdoors and participate in some fun activities. Like or Share if you enjoy reading our blog.