Grocery shopping when you have mobility concerns can make anyone feel a little uncomfortable. In addition to always having to watch where others are walking and pushing their carts, you have to navigate yours as well. And when you do a week’s worth of shopping at one time, you may end up with a loaded cart with a lot of heavy items to bring home. A folding shopping cart can be a great investment for a person with disabilities who needs a little help shopping without breaking the bank. Here are a few features to pay attention to when selecting one.

Types Of Wheels

The wheels are the most important features of a folding shopping cart since they determine how easy it is to navigate through aisles and inside your home. Some folding shopping carts just move either forward or backward and are made of durable plastic. Others will swivel a full 360-degrees, making it much easier to turn around corners and even turn in the other direction if you need to. Even though some folding shopping cart manufacturers claim to have the most durable plastic wheels available, they still won’t be as durable as metal wheels. 

Consider the number of wheels your folding shopping cart has as well. Many just have two wheels, which might make it easier to turn, but won’t be quite as easy to navigate. A cart with four wheels is typically much easier to pull and push, and with metal wheels that swivel 360-degrees, you’ll have a smoother shopping experience.

Materials And Construction

The materials your folding shopping cart is made of is critical as well. Cheaper models are made from plastic or aluminum, but the highest-quality ones are made of steel. Think about what you’ll use your shopping cart for. If you just go to the store to get bread, cereal, and other lightweight items, then you might not need a heavy-duty construction. But if you buy water, milk, soda, canned goods, and other heavier items on your trips, then you want to have the confidence that your shopping cart will hold up when you need it most.

Fabric Bag vs. Metal Frame

When you have a physical disability, whatever makes your life easier is usually the most ideal solution. Choosing between a fabric bag or a metal frame for your folding shopping cart is mostly a matter of preference based on the items you buy and how often you go to the grocery store. Carts with metal frames are typically wider and hold more items, while fabric bags are more compact and easier to use.

Navigating day-to-day life with a physical disability can be made easier when you use the right resources. People with mobility concerns have a lot of different solutions to help them with routine tasks like going to the grocery store. The right products depend on how you use them and which ones would make your life more convenient. Be sure to contact Next Day Access for more ideas, tips, and solutions to help you navigate your daily life easier. Like or Share if you enjoy reading our blog.