John King defines his title as Owner/President of the Next Day Access franchise in Nashville, Tennessee, or as he jokingly referred to himself, “Your Majesty.”  It’s obvious from the get-go, this is going to be a fun interview.  As if running a company isn’t hard enough, John has dueling careers. He also serves as a Lieutenant Colonel in the National Guard, of which he has been in service since 1994. He’s an Artillery Battalion Commander when duty calls; otherwise, you’ll find him at the head of the table at Next Day Access.

john King next day access franchise nashville

In his previous career role, King worked in banking with a focus on investing. He felt his job in the banking world just wasn’t satisfying.  As he was considering a career change, his grandparents became ill and disabled. King helped them navigate finding the right disability equipment and realized how overwhelming the process is.

John knew he wanted to own his own business but wanted something that would be fulfilling. Aiding his grandparents changed his career trajectory completely. King felt his true calling was with Next Day Access. You can tell from speaking with him, even briefly, that he is a cheerful guy with a kind heart.  Maybe it’s the military in him, but it’s clear that he is service-oriented and loves to help others.  

Next Day Access is the ideal career for service-minded and compassionate people like King. He recounted a story of a client that was so happy, once he received his mobility equipment, he could finally retrieve his mail, after a long two years, a feat most take for granted. Helping people achieve their independence means the world to King.

When asked why his company is so successful, King’s response was, “you have to be a problem solver, a multi-tasker, and you have to love people.” He believes his years in the military helped him to excel in those areas. Yet, the thing he primarily appreciates from his years in the service is that being in the guard has made him, “a people-person.”  In the National Guard, your fellow soldiers are from all walks of life, and you develop the aptitude to get along with and find ways to help everyone.” 

He also credits his amazing team at Next Day Access. Before hiring a new team member, King says he looks for problem solvers with a compassionate heart. They also must be capable of constantly learning and retaining knowledge, as accessibility products are always evolving.

For anyone wanting to join Next Day Access as a franchise owner or a team member, King says there are three ways to succeed in this career. It’s to be ready for every day to be different, love and enjoy people, and treat customers like family. If you’re a local to the Nashville area and have accessibility needs, call the team at Next Day Access Nashville, Tennessee at (615) 436-5485 for a free quote. Otherwise, contact us to find the nearest location to you.