Living with a disability can cause loneliness. It is nice to find a place where you can talk and read about other people in similar situations. There is a community of individuals with disabilities, looking to connect with others. Here are a few accessible online resources that can be helpful and assist in bringing this community together.

Assistive Technology 

The Assistive technology website aims to give people with news and resources about new developments in technology to aid people living with a disability. The website brings you the latest news about new apps, electronic devices, and prototypes of accessibility equipment. 

Disabled World 

Disabled World shares information from world governments, educational institutions, disabilities, and organizations. It contains a range of topics. From medical research to tips on maintaining good health while living with a disability, the website can be a great resource to learn more about the disability community.

Uncomfortable Revolution 

This website started in Ireland. It is a favorite among individuals with disabilities because of its humor. Their website description page reads as follows, “Living with chronic illness and disability means having some pretty awkward conversations. Uncomfortable Revolution is the place to share and vent those uncomfortable moments.”  Their tagline is the best, “Let’s get awkward together!”  It is a light-hearted and fun website, perfect for when you are having a no-good, unbelievably difficult day. 

Make Your Home Accessible

These are just a few of the top accessible online resources that help guide, entertain, and build a community for individuals with disabilities. At Next Day Access, we provide resources to help you bring back your independence and confidence. Contact us to schedule a free inspection of your home. Our evaluations will tell us what your home needs to better accommodate your lifestyle. Next Day Access is here to help your “Whole home and your Whole life.”