People with long-term disabilities need solutions to ensure they can maintain the highest quality of life possible. Mobility equipment like a power wheelchair or a stair lift can be rented, but it’s likely more cost-effective to purchase these items if you’ll be using them for a long time. Living comfortably with a long-term disability is all about perspective and making the most of the situation. Here are some mobility solutions to help you enjoy a high quality of life for years to come.

Install A Stair Lift

A stair lift can be an essential solution for people who have stairs inside their home. People with long-term disabilities sometimes avoid using the stairs to access the second story of their home simply because it’s too difficult or dangerous to get up there. With a stair lift, you don’t have to limit the accessibility in your home. When a professional installs your stair lift, simply sit on the seat, push a button, and get transported up and down the staircase. It’s one of the safest and most comfortable ways to navigate the stairs, so a stair lift tops the list of ideal mobility solutions for people with long-term disabilities.

Invest In A Wheelchair Ramp

A wheelchair ramp is a good investment even if you don’t have a wheelchair. It’s much safer to walk up and down a wheelchair ramp compared to stairs. And if you have a power wheelchair or a manual wheelchair, you can enter your home with ease. Professional wheelchair ramp installers are great at designing them to fit the exterior of your home’s layout and aesthetics. Just let them know exactly what you need, and they will turn your vision into a reality.

Find A Suitable Power Wheelchair

Having a long-term disability may mean you have to be confined to a wheelchair to move around. Instead of dealing with a manual wheelchair, consider the convenience of a power wheelchair. It’s much easier to navigate and doesn’t require nearly as much physical strength to move. Most options are plenty powerful to get up a wheelchair ramp with ease and allow you to navigate crowds at grocery stores and other places easily. Making life as easy as possible is important when you have a long-term disability, and a power wheelchair is a step in the right direction.

Next Day Access has plenty of solutions to help people with long-term disabilities. We always suggest starting with a wheelchair ramp to provide an easy entryway into the home. And if you have a manual wheelchair, upgrading to a power wheelchair can make navigating day-to-day life much simpler. We understand dealing with a long-term disability can present unique challenges, but our experts can provide you with many different options when you get a free home assessment. It costs you nothing to get advice and suggestions, so feel free to contact us at any time to schedule an expert to come to your home.