The aging population has trended toward the desire to live at home as they get older rather than moving into an assisted living facility. It makes sense in many different ways to age in place, but some adjustments might have to be made to make it a successful experience. Independent living is within reach for many people. When you evaluate your current living situation and consider all options available to you, then you can determine whether you are equipped for successful independent living. Here are some important steps to take to age in place successfully.

Evaluate Every Aspect Of Your Living Situation

You may not need to make a lot of home modifications now but look around to see what may need to be changed in the future. If your home doesn’t have a very open concept, now may be the time to start a home renovation to create more open space. The hope is you won’t have to use a wheelchair or scooter to navigate your home, but it’s usually ideal to get ahead of it and prepare for it if possible. And don’t forget to look at the outdoor living space as well. If you have any stairs outside your home, a wheelchair ramp can be a valuable investment you can enjoy now and in the future, whether you use a wheelchair or not.

Consider Transportation Options

Successful independent living means being able to go places when you need to. Whether it’s driving a vehicle or arranging for a caregiver to take you to medical appointments, grocery shopping, or anything else you need to do, considering your transportation options can’t be overlooked. You may have more options than you think depending on how many family members or friends you have in the area, but chances are you can find the right solution if you look at the appropriate options.

Stay Open-Minded And Flexible

The main thing to remember when striving for independent living is to be open-minded and flexible. Your situation can change in an instant, so make the most of it. For example, if you stumble on your steps, it could be a sign that it’s time to install the wheelchair ramp you’ve been putting off. And if someone offers to help you with certain things, take them up on it even if you know you are capable of doing it yourself. The more open-minded and flexible you are, the greater your chances of successfully aging in place.

Next Day Access is here to help the aging population age in place as successfully as possible. Everyone’s living situation is different, and each person has specific needs that should be met. But when you follow these steps, you can form a better idea of what you’ll need to succeed in independent living. If you have any questions about your current living situation and whether it’s suitable for independent living, contact us, and we would be happy to provide you with a free home assessment.