Christmas can be a time for reconnecting with loved ones and sharing in the joy of the season. But for many individuals, being able to head home for the holidays is not a simple feat. 

This was the case for Mr. James Evans. James, an LPN for over 30 years who had been working in home health for the past six years, was sitting in his vehicle outside a patient’s home when the unthinkable happened. Unknown to James, a high-speed police chase was taking place when the suspect struck Mr. Evans’ vehicle, sending him into a telephone pole. 

After the vehicle collision, James spent three weeks in a medically induced coma and was then transferred to the Shepherd Center in Atlanta, which specializes in spinal cord and brain injury rehabilitation. 

Mr. Evans was paralyzed from the chest down due to his injuries and now uses a powered wheelchair. After six months of specialized care at the Shepherd Center, there was hope to get James home in time for Christmas. Unfortunately, the home modifications to get him home could not be scheduled until after the new year. 

After hearing of the situation, Mr. Evans’ nurse case manager reached out to Next Day Access asking if there was a way for him to get him home for the holidays. That’s when Next Day Access made the decision to donate a temporary ramp for Mr. Evans. Next Day Access collaborated with Mr. Evans’ nurse case manager, the Nashville Next Day Access franchise, and the Shepherd Center to orchestrate Mr. Evans’ getting home for the holidays. 

When asked about the decision to donate the ramp, Nathan Lewis, Director of the Workers’ Comp Division at Next Day Access, told us, “When we first learned about James and his story we knew we needed to help. Our workers’ comp division at Next Day Access assists thousands of injured workers each year. It is important to everyone in our organization to remember this is more than a business. We are in a unique position to help people and families that are going through life-changing situations. To help a fellow Tennessean get home for Christmas was a privilege. We could not have done it alone either. A special thanks to our Nashville franchise, his nurse case manager and the fine people at Shepherd Center who helped make it all possible as well.”

The client and his wife, along with his nurses and caseworker, could not have been more thrilled when they learned the news. The ramp was installed at the man’s home shortly before Christmas Eve, and with that, his holiday wish was fulfilled. With the ramp he needed in place, he was able to make it home and enjoy Christmas with those he loves most.

When asked about the donation, James exclaimed, 

Never give up on Christmas miracles, because they happen. I kept believing that I would be home for Christmas and Next Day Access was a big part of that. They made it happen for me. Without Next Day Access, I would not have gotten home.”

This story is just one of many examples of people needing assistance in accessing their homes. If you or someone you love struggles with access to or around their home, please feel free to reach out to Next Day Access by calling (800) 423-0751.