Mobility products can make life significantly easier for people with disabilities or mobility limitations. In some situations, the biggest question is whether it makes the most sense to buy them or rent them. If you have a permanent disability, then buying a mobility scooter or a stair lift is likely more cost-effective. But if you will recover from your disability or if you’re accommodating someone with a mobility limitation, then renting is ideal. We’ve taken a close look at different situations to help you determine whether buying or renting mobility products makes the most sense.

Situations Where Renting Mobility Products Makes Sense

If you are renting the home you’re in now, then renting a stair lift or a wheelchair ramp is probably the better choice instead of buying. Similarly, if you know the disability you have is temporary and you just need a mobility device to help you get around for a few weeks, then renting makes the most sense. What you’re looking for is the duration in which you’ll need any given mobility product. Even if you don’t have a disability, but have a loved one who does, renting one when they visit you is ideal since you may just need it for a few days.

Buy Mobility Products In These Situations

Older people who strive for independent living in their homes often opt to purchase mobility products. A wheelchair ramp, mobility scooter, and a stair lift may be essential items for their day-to-day life, so owning them is likely more cost-effective than renting. Also, if you’re a caregiver and take care of a loved one in your home, then buying specific mobility products is usually the way to go. If you don’t plan on moving from your current space for a few years, then buying a mobility product could pay for itself during that time compared to renting.

Evaluate Your Short-Term And Long-Term Needs

The main consideration you have to make when debating whether to buy or rent a mobility product is your current and future needs. A mobility scooter can be a great investment for people who need them daily and for several years. Otherwise, if you just need it for a 4-8 week period as you’re recovering from an injury, then renting is likely going to be cheaper. Depending on the product, you may have to do some calculations to determine how many years you would have to own it before it pays for itself compared to renting. 

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