A wheelchair isn’t made to last forever, and depending on how often you use it, some may not last as long as others. The good news is with proper wheelchair maintenance, you can anticipate when it might be time to repair or replace yours.

Your wheelchair may be your biggest key to successful independent living, so keeping it in great working shape is critical. Repairing your wheelchair is sometimes the most cost-effective option, but here are some situations in which it makes more sense to replace it entirely.

Wheelchair Replacement Parts And Components

Minor replacements to parts and components may not put a big dent in your wallet, but they can accumulate over time. The tires are often the biggest expenses wheelchair owners have to think about.

If the rest of the wheelchair is in great shape, but the tire grips are worn, then you have to decide whether replacing just the tires or the entire wheelchair is worth it. Chances are the cost of a new wheelchair will be higher, but you won’t have to incur any expenses for a few years after that.

Replacement Parts May Cost As Much As A New Wheelchair

If your mobility device has multiple items that need to be repaired, then it likely makes the most sense to replace the entire unit. Wheelchairs, in general, have a limited lifespan, so just because you repair everything doesn’t mean it will operate like brand new.

Person pushing wheelchair through hallway

When you get your regular maintenance checkup on your wheelchair, ask the technician whether any parts need to be repaired now or what could need repairs in the future. At that point, you can decide the right time to replace it.

The Wheelchair Has Reached The End Of Its Lifespan

A wheelchair generally has about four good years of life in it, depending on how often it’s ridden and what terrain it’s mostly used on. Normal wear and tear will happen during that time, but once the first signs of repairs are present, you’ll need to closely examine the potential repair costs.

You will most likely just get another year or two out of the wheelchair before it needs to be replaced anyway, so it likely makes more sense to just replace it rather than getting any repairs completed.

You Need Upgraded Features

You may come to a point where your current wheelchair isn’t as comfortable as you thought it would be or it doesn’t have the features you need. Many people simply deal with the inconveniences as long as they can, but then when it comes time for a repair, they see it as an opportunity to get a better one with upgraded features instead. If the upgraded features improve the quality of your independent living, then it’s usually well worth the investment.

Next Day Access wants to ensure wheelchair users find the most appropriate mobility device for their needs. Our technicians can provide maintenance on your wheelchair and estimate the remaining lifespan of it and make recommendations accordingly. Don’t hesitate to contact us at any time if you need advice about your wheelchair.