Dementia can be a frightening and overwhelming diagnosis. Fortunately, there is the technology that can help patients that live with the disease. These devices can assist caregivers and help your loved one feel safer and more secure. Yes, your mobile devices ease anxiety and can help establish routines as well as have apps that improve memory.

We have compiled a list of cell phone applications designed to promote independence for individuals with dementia. Listed below are applications that can make memory loss more manageable and help caregivers ensure their loved one is safe.

Mobile Apps that Improve Memory In Aging Loved Ones

Talking Mat 

Staying connected with a loved one that requires memory care is essential to their safety and quality of life. Phones are not always easy for individuals with dementia to navigate. Now there are applications on cell phones that can help.

Talking Mat is an app that allows caregivers to communicate their needs and preferences through pictures. It works by using unique, specially designed picture communication symbols. 

Greymatters: Reaching beyond Dementia 

This Greymatters app is perfect for reminiscing. It is an online scrapbook of sorts. You can put family pictures on the app and add voice narration to help evoke memories. You can set it up in storybook format or as a memory card game. It also has a section for pop-culture references, so your loved one can see some of their favorite artists.


Founded by 3 former caregivers, MindMate is a popular app for aging loved ones. It is an all-in-one app to help keep the mind and body healthy. It has mental and physical workouts, recipes, games to stimulate the brain, and lots more.

The app also offers other tools such as music playlists. Music can help with memory loss and evoke emotions. MindMate is a great app for caregivers to communicate with their loved ones or patients.

Other Memory Aids 

There are many more apps specifically designed as memory aids and new ones being created all the time. By harnessing the power of technology, apps can help people struggling with memory loss connect with loved ones and feel more comfortable.

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