Gardening is a popular hobby that many people can enjoy. It is a healthy, safe, and comfortable physical and mental activity. However, as you get older, this hobby can become difficult because of limited mobility. Luckily though, there are many ways you can still enjoy gardening. Accessible gardening tools can help you avoid causing strain to your body.

Here are some suggestions on accessible tools and some tips on better gardening practices for limited mobility:

Invest in a Raised Bed or Plant in Containers 

If you have trouble with bending down, then bring the garden up to a comfortable height. Raised garden beds bring the garden up to a comfortable height for the gardener. You will not have to bend and reach as much. Another good thing about raised beds is it doesn’t require much digging.

If you decide to maintain multiple raised beds, you might consider creating wide, level pathways between them. The paths could be composed of pea gravel, pavers, or brick. The route will help with weed control and provide a flat, secure surface. 

Invest in a Rolling Work Seat 

Consider investing in a rolling work seat. A rolling work seat can help you move around the yard and avoid pain and injury from kneeling, squatting, or bending. The wheels are created to move effectively over rough terrain, and the height gets you closer to your garden while still supporting your body.

Look into Tools with Long Handles 

Edging the lawn is necessary when you are dealing with garden beds dug into the ground. Keeping the grass out of your garden can be challenging when bending over to use standard garden tools. Luckily, you can get edging sheers and pruners with an adjustable telescopic handle.

You will find that telescopic handles are an essential part of adaptive gardening tools for wheelchair users. It might take time to become precise with these tools, but once you do, your yard and garden will flourish.  

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