Whether you’re providing senior care for a loved one or if they are focused on independent living, creating a safe and comfortable environment at home is a priority. As we get older, aches and pains may become a normal part of life and can get to the point where relaxing on the recliner is the most comfortable thing to do. However, sometimes it can be a struggle getting in and out of a standard recliner, and it may not be as comfortable as it was a few years ago. A lift chair is a wonderful option for seniors regardless of their mobility limitations, and we’ve examined some of the most ideal features your senior loved one may enjoy.

Multiple Reclining Positions

Some lift chairs recline like a standard recliner to a position at about 45-degrees. Others recline much more to a position of 180-degrees to mimic a bed. Many seniors choose a lift chair that reclines to 180-degrees, so they have more options to choose from depending on how they are feeling on any given day. They may start in the lift chair by relaxing and watching television or reading a book, but then decide to take a nap. With multiple reclining positions, they can do both without having to get up.

Massaging Features

Lift chairs also come with massaging features to create a luxurious experience in the comfort of the home. This is a great feature for people who need some senior care, as it can target pain points or aches that may be limiting mobility. Each lift chair is different regarding the various massaging options it offers, so you can make the appropriate selection based on your loved one’s needs.

Soothing Heat

A heated lift chair is a perfect thing to have in the winter months. It’s particularly good for people who may experience back pain or other muscular pain. When you turn on the heat on your lift chair, it will slowly heat up to provide a comforting experience while relaxing in the living room. Whether it’s to relieve some pain or just to be nice and warm when it’s cold outside, this is a feature most people enjoy with their lift chair.

Controlling The Lift Mechanism

Having control of the lift mechanism is important for seniors striving for independent living. They can use the buttons on the side of the chair or on the remote to recline to the perfect position at any time. Seniors often need to reposition themselves when they sit in one spot for a while, and with a lift chair, they have the independence to do so easily.

Next Day Access enjoys seeing the looks on people’s faces when they receive their new lift chair. The benefits of a lift chair speak for themselves, and arguably, the most important benefit is the independent living opportunity it provides. Everyone has specific features they like about a lift chair, and most will agree that it’s a worthy investment in many ways. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or if you are ready to purchase yours.