A mobility scooter can provide a significant amount of independence for seniors who have mobility limitations. However, this independence comes with the responsibility to ride safely to protect yourself and others around you. In many ways, a mobility scooter should be treated as a vehicle in that it should be maintained regularly, and proper precautions should be taken when operating it. Staying aware is one of the main factors when operating a scooter, and here are some tips for staying safe at all times.

Practice First To Become Comfortable Operating One

If you’re new to riding a mobility scooter or if you’ve just received a different model, practicing in an open space with few obstacles is a great place to start. Practice making turns, getting a feel for how fast the scooter goes, how it reacts to bumps, and try navigating a scooter ramp if you can. One of the most ideal ways to get used to riding a mobility scooter safely is by practicing, so take advantage of every chance you get.

Make Sure Others Can See You

You may feel like you’re visible to everyone when riding a mobility scooter, but it’s not natural for vehicles to look for them. Ensure you are visible when riding on the side of the street so traffic can see you. Consider attaching a flag to the back and include lights and reflectors on all sides of the scooter so it can be seen from every angle, day or night. You can’t assume others are watching for you, so the goal is to make your scooter as visible as possible.

Know How To Navigate A Scooter Ramp

Whether you have a scooter ramp at your home or if you’re visiting a public place with one, take some precautions when navigating it. Always approach the ramp as straight as possible to ensure your scooter will fit and so you won’t have to make any unnecessary turns. Go slowly on a scooter ramp and if other people are walking on it at the same time, stop and let them go by rather than trying to avoid them by moving to the side.

Ride On Sidewalks Rather Than Streets

A mobility scooter can significantly enhance the senior living experience for many people. While scooters can often be operated on the streets, it’s safer to do so on sidewalks whenever possible. You don’t have to worry about traffic on sidewalks, and if other people are walking, they can easily move to the side for you. Plus, if you have any problems with your scooter, you can feel safer stopping on the sidewalk rather than having to stay on the street.

Next Day Access offers several mobility scooters to help seniors meet their needs. Our professionals will teach you some tricks to help you operate your scooter as safely as possible, and we encourage you to prioritize safety every time you sit on yours. If you’re ready to invest in a scooter or upgrade to a new one, contact us at any time, and we would be thrilled to help.