The world we live in is bigger and more beautiful than we could ever imagine, so everyone owes it to themselves to explore from time to time. The travel industry has done a tremendous job in recent years making travel more accessible for people with disabilities. Whether it’s installing wheelchair ramps, offering a mobility scooter to rent or anything in between, you’ve got a wonderful opportunity to take advantage of! These destinations have particularly prioritized accessible travel and should be on your list to visit.

Melbourne, Australia

Be sure to bring your travel wheelchair when you visit Melbourne because you’ll have plenty of places to go with it. Victoria’s parks are must-see and they are wheelchair accessible so you can get the full tourist experience just like anyone else would! Add in the wheelchair-accessible restaurants and you can complete your experience at one of the best food cities in the world.

Playa del Carmen, Mexico

History buffs will absolutely love Playa del Carmen. The Mayan ruins of Tulum and Chichen Itza have plenty of wheelchair ramps for people with disabilities to get up close and personal with everything the attractions have to offer. And of course, the beaches are a sight to see on their own so plan for at least a day to relax at one!

Seattle, Washington

If you want to stay in the country and still see some new sights, Seattle, Washington is one of the best cities for disabled travelers. The public transportation system keeps people with disabilities in mind and they also have a handy guide to help you navigate around the city if you’re in a wheelchair!

Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona attracts visitors from all over the world and with nearly all of the metro stations being wheelchair-accessible, they make it easy for anyone to visit. Whether you want to enjoy the beach scene, tour some famous sites or simply roll along La Rambla street, you can do so without worry.

Next Day Access can get you set up for your next trip, wherever your adventures take you! With a travel wheelchair, you can set your own limitations and explore until your heart’s content anywhere across the world. Before your trip, contact us to see what equipment we can set you up with to maximize your experience and create lasting memories.