Seniors spending time at the park

What is the face of America today? While so much attention is being placed on younger generations, it is Baby Boomers who are reshaping the US population, often in unprecedented ways. This generation only marks the beginning of what will be one of the biggest demographic shifts in American history. By 2030, we can expect that the aging population of individuals above the age of 65 will double from 52 to 95 million. And with the fastest-growing segment of the population currently 85 and older, the government is not prepared to care for the elderly population. It’s crucial for everyone to think about the needs of an aging population… 

Case in point – even now, older individuals are working longer, with individuals 65 and up making up a large portion of our nation’s workforce. But how accessible are our buildings for those experiencing limited mobility? It’s an unfortunate reality that as we age, we can lose our independence due to many different factors.

Independence for Workers

Currently, those who use wheelchairs or other mobility aids can find it difficult to get where they need to go. Unfortunately, even now too few businesses are willing to offer the accessibility people truly need with options such as elevators, lifts and commercial ramps. As older individuals make up a larger part of the US population it will become increasingly important to take accessibility into consideration. 

Freedom at Home for Older Adults

It is not just in public that mobility is an important concern. Even more challenging for many older adults is the lack of mobility they face within their own homes. This is vital to think about as a greater number of older adults are aging in place. From higher obesity among the elderly to increased divorce rates leaving more seniors than ever to live alone, it’s crucial to provide the necessary tools for seniors to gain back their independence.

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