Everyone should be able to enjoy the outdoors. There is a lot to gain by being outside and in nature. However, for people living with a physical disability, outdoor activities when you live with a disability for exercise and enjoying nature can be difficult. It requires plenty of planning.

People with disabilities need to seek out an accessible place or invest in adaptive accessibility equipment. Fortunately, there is accessible outdoor equipment that helps make going outside easier.  Here are a few suggestions on outdoor activities:

3 Outdoor Activities When You Live with a Disability


At Next Day Access, we offer a wide range of pool lifts. Our pool lifts help you enjoy a day at the pool if you have a disability or limited mobility. However, if you prefer the beach, we also offer underwater walkers, cycle attachments, and a beach access wheelchair. The beach access wheelchair has balloon-style tires that make going over sand and into the water a breeze. 


Hiking might seem an unlikely suggestion, but it is possible with some planning. Traillink.com is a platform you can use to find wheelchair-accessible trails by state. The trails are at a lower incline and have smoother and wider pathways. Next Day Access also supplies all-terrain wheelchairs that are perfect for maneuvering over rocky roads while maintaining stability.  


The National Parks Service offers a free Access Pass that gives a lifetime entrance to more than 2,000 federal recreation sites. The pass covers your entrance fees at national wildlife refuges and national parks. It is available to any U.S. citizen with a permanent disability. Campsites are also now accessible for wheelchair users by providing accessible shower and toilet facilities with proper access and level pathways.  

Many other outdoor activities have made it possible for people living with a disability to enjoy. We stay up to date on any new equipment designs that will help you better enjoy outdoor activities. From customized products to fit your needs, we got you covered. Contact us today to receive a free quote and learn more about the products we offer.