People with disabilities have more resources than ever before to help them navigate their homes and other places. With power wheelchairs and mobility scooters, disabled people can navigate grocery stores, shopping centers, and similar places much easier than several years ago. This means businesses need to take the necessary steps to make their establishments wheelchair accessible. Becoming ADA compliant is necessary today, and small businesses should do everything they can to be compliant. Resources and funding are often problematic, so we’ve discussed some resources and tips to help you.

Cost Considerations Of Becoming ADA Compliant

Some small business owners think becoming ADA compliant will put them out of business because the cost is so high. However, when you break down the costs and what is needed to become ADA compliant, it might not be as expensive as you think. For example, you might only need to install a wheelchair ramp on the exterior of your building and a few grab bars in the restrooms. Creating more open space for wheelchairs is also a common adjustment small business owners have to make. While every business is different, chances are you will be looking at a few hundred to a few thousands of dollars to become ADA compliant rather than the tens of thousands of dollars that many people think.

Available ADA Grants

Several ADA grants are available to businesses to help them become ADA compliant. The goal of the grants is to ensure people with disabilities have access to public buildings and facilities like everyone else does. It’s worth a small business owner’s time to pursue these grants to see which ones they qualify for and apply accordingly.

Tax Advantages To Consider

Tax credits and deductions are available to business owners who make their buildings wheelchair accessible. Small business owners can take advantage of up to a $5,000 tax credit to help offset the expenses of installing a wheelchair ramp, widening doorways, or other modifications. A tax deduction of up to $15,000 each year is also a benefit of being ADA compliant. Work with your tax professional to determine whether you qualify for tax credits or deductions, and it can help you offset the expenses of being ADA compliant significantly.

Next Day Access works with businesses large and small to help them become ADA compliant. We believe people of all abilities should be able to access public facilities, and we help make it possible. Whether you need a wheelchair ramp, grab bars, stair lifts, or anything else to make your establishment more accessible, contact us today to schedule a free evaluation.