Everyday life challenges don’t end for military service members once their time serving has concluded. Veterans deserve to have the resources available to live a quality life in their homes, especially as they get older. Like for most, one of the obstacles is the affordability of home modifications. A walk-in shower might be needed, but it can be expensive. Wheelchair ramps are more affordable but can still put a strain on a Veteran’s budget. Fortunately, several grants and assistance funding programs are available specifically for Veterans, and we’ve highlighted them here.

Specially Adapted Housing (SAH)

Veterans are eligible for the SAH grant if they suffered a severe disability while serving, including loss of limbs, burn injuries, blindness, and more. The purpose of this grant is to provide Veterans the chance to live barrier-free in the comfort of their home. This could include renovating their current home or building a new home. The SAH grant can cover things like a walk-in shower or wheelchair ramps that make it easier for a disabled Veteran to navigate their home. The maximum amount for the grant is roughly $90,000.

Home Improvements and Structural Alterations (HISA)

The HISA grant covers Veterans who are currently disabled, and it doesn’t matter if their disability came from their service time or not. All it requires is a recommendation from a medical professional that they need some sort of home modification to move around safely. Some of the items that could be covered include wheelchair ramps, a vertical platform lift, kitchen modifications, and more. The HISA grant amount varies but is usually up to $6,800 depending on the type of disability.

Special Housing Adaptation (SHA)

The SHA grant is similar to the SAH grant in that it provides Veteran homeowners with the resources necessary to modify their homes to make them safer and more accessible. To be eligible for the SHA grant, the Veteran must have suffered their disability while serving. Some of the home modifications the grant covers include grab bars or handrails, shower chairs, modified walkways, and more. Veterans can qualify for up to three SHA grants throughout their life, and the maximum amount for a single grant is around $18,000.

Next Day Access works with Veterans to ensure they have the resources they need to live comfortably. Our professionals can come to your home and provide a free home assessment to help you determine what would be most beneficial. And we always offer affordable prices so no one will be turned away because of budgeting concerns. Be sure to contact us today to schedule your free home assessment, and we would love to help you.