Recovery Hacks - Ways to Ease the Recovery Process

Recovering from surgery can be a stressful process. Things you would consider simple seem to be a daunting task when surgery recovery hinders your mobility. So what can you do to make your recovery process one that is full of rest and relaxation? Try a couple of these recovery hacks!

Prep Your Bedroom

If your bedroom is on the second floor of your home we suggest setting up camp downstairs during recovery. Set up everything you think you may need, including your pillows, blankets, chargers, and necessities to make your temporary bed comfortable. If you’ll be recovering in your room make sure all your items you think you’ll need are within arm’s reach, this includes remotes, books, additional blankets, drinks and snacks.

Getting through the Door

If you’ll be in a wheelchair, using a walker or some kind of scooter, getting into your threshold can be an obstacle after surgery. Renting a wheelchair ramp from us during the duration of your recovery can help ease the challenge of recovery. With three different residential ramp options, you can find and configure the ramps for what works best for your home.

Ask for Help

There’s nothing wrong with asking for help! Having someone help you a few days after surgery can be a huge asset. While you can prep as much as possible, unexpected things happen and having an extra set of hands to help you get around, with food or other tasks can be a huge relief.

Keeping it Clean

If you’re unable to access your shower or bathtub or simply can’t get your surgical incision wet, our portable shower may be the option you’re looking for! It’s lightweight and can be set up near any access to warm water. Clean yourself with better control and precision than your shower.

Clear the Path

Before surgery, you’ll want to take inventory of tripping hazards in your home, including power cords, rugs and uneven flooring. Simply rolling up rugs, tying up cords and evening out entries with threshold ramps can prevent potential hazards that could set back recovery.

While it may be a little work beforehand, these steps can help your recovery in the long run. We hope a few of these tips can ease your recovery process and make the healing transition as smooth as possible. To learn about how we can help with your recovery, contact us here!