While some homes built more recently were constructed with wheelchair use in mind, many older ones were not. Hallways are narrow, as are doorways, and steps into the house from the outdoors or the garage present an obstacle to those using either a rental wheelchair or one they own.

Next Day Access can provide the needed accessibility solutions to those using wheelchairs in older homes. Our products and services can help ease the burden on caretakers and family. With certain upgrades, any older home can be made more wheelchair-accessible overall. We offer a variety of wheelchair ramps that will fit not only your home but your budget.

Tips on Making Older Homes More Accessible

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) sets certain regulations for installing wheelchair ramps in public spaces but doesn’t make those standards mandatory for homes. Still, it’s worth following ADA recommendations if you are retrofitting your residence. A number of factors will factor into your decision, such as weight capacity, color and style, material, the angle of the ramp, its width and whether you need a permanent ramp or prefer to rent a wheelchair ramp.

Portable ramps can be a great temporary solution. Doorway ramps allow for ease of access to the home and may be made of one single panel; outdoor ramps traverse longer distances to help with safe passage into and out of the home.

Next Day Access will design a wheelchair ramp to fit any home, as well as meet the specific needs of any customer. With the most complete line of wheelchair ramps on the market, Next Day Access delivers freedom and independence right to your door!

Safety, innovation and functionality are behind each wheelchair ramp design offered by Next Day Access. Manufactured 100 percent in the U.S. and virtually maintenance free, we have a ramp solution to fit the various needs and preferences of our customers. Call now for your free in-home estimate.