This year, Father’s Day is June 19th which is fast approaching. Sometimes figuring out what to get Dad can be a challenging endeavor, especially if you want to get him something special or sentimental. We have a fantastic aging father gift idea / suggestion for you, called Storyworth! 

What is Storyworth?

Storyworth is an opportunity to share your father’s memories and special moments in a beautiful keepsake book. Your father can then share the book and the experiences and advice within the text with loved ones. The hope is that your father’s legacy will live on for his grandchildren and many generations to come. 

How Does Storyworth Work?

Step 1

You chose a question to help get him to start writing and send it in an email. 

Step 2

Your father simply replies to the question you emailed him, and then it is shared with you. 

Step 3

After one year, his replies and stories that stem from his responses are bound by Storyworth into a charming and beautiful keepsake book. 

To ensure these books last for generations, the Storyworth company designs the book with quality materials. This ensures the book looks fantastic and ages nicely over time. 

If you feel stumped trying to come up with questions, just go to their website. This is also the website you use to get everything set up. The Storyworth team has plenty of sample questions to help you get into the flow of sending weekly questions. Here are a few examples from their website:

  • What is one of your fondest childhood memories? 
  • What things matter most to you in life? 
  • What items do you think you cannot live without? 
  • Do you have any regrets in life? 
  • Who are your favorite artists? 

Why Storyworth?

Storyworth books can include photos that contribute nicely to the layout and intimacy of the book. It is also a wonderful way to stay connected with family who no longer live close by. The aim of these books is to conserve memories of the past to pass on to future generations while learning more about the special people in your life that matter most to you.

You will likely be surprised by some things, and other things might help make sense of why you react the way you do in specific scenarios. Maybe you are more like your father than you realize. 

Since Storyworth began, it has been getting rave reviews, such as this one from Adrianne in Rochester, New York, “Storyworth is more than just a book, more than a collection of stories. It is the gift of time you spend with family uncovering those stories. There has never been a gift that has held more meaning or value to me.” 

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We see the bonds between the families and the love children have for their aging parents as they shop. We thank you for making us the place you go to for all your aging loved ones’ needs, and we would like to extend a heartfelt Happy Father’s Day to all the dads this year.