Having a walk-in tub could be a necessary factor when it comes to independent living for seniors. In most situations, the benefits of having one outweigh the downsides, so it’s a wise investment for anyone who may have a physical disability. Instead of taking a step up to get into the bathtub, simply open the door and walk in. This feature alone significantly reduces the number of slip-and-fall accidents seniors and people with mobility limitations experience throughout the country. Here are some factors to consider if you’re thinking about investing in a walk-in tub.

Safety And Peace Of Mind

Most people choose a walk-in tub because of the safety benefits. Not having to raise your feet high off the ground to get in the bathtub can give you peace of mind since the chances of losing your balance and falling are much lower. Walk-in tubs typically come with a textured floor to further improve the safety of taking a bath since the surface won’t be as slippery. And if standing up from a seated position is challenging, walk-in tubs have built-in grab bars to help you stabilize yourself and make getting in and out of the tub a breeze.

How Walk-In Tubs Can Improve Your Health

While the common reasons why seniors and people with a physical disability get a walk-in tub is because of the safety features, there are also health benefits to consider. People with diabetes, arthritis, poor blood circulation, or other similar health conditions may improve their health with a walk-in tub. A comfortable, warm bath with hydrotherapy jets targeting your problem areas can make for a relaxing experience that’s difficult to replicate. Some people even use them as a form of therapy throughout the day when they need a place to relax their muscles and ease any physical pain they may be in.

Walk-In Tub Features To Consider

The great thing about walk-in tubs is they provide many useful features as part of their standard offerings. You won’t have to spend any extra money on non-slip floor mats, grab bars, contoured seating, or other safety features. The main features to focus on are the size, width, seating position, number of hydrotherapy jets, and more. Whether you’re a senior striving for independent living or if you have a physical disability, think about what would make your bathtub experience more convenient and relaxing. There is an abundance of features available to suit your needs with walk-in tubs, so it’s important to understand exactly what would make it a perfect fit for you.

Next Day Access is proud to offer walk-in tubs to provide a relaxing bath time experience for people. The number of slip-and-fall accidents in the bathroom throughout the country seemingly always increases annually, and we are doing our part to reduce the number. If you believe you could benefit from a walk-in tub, contact us today, and we would be happy to discuss the various options available to you.