When you or your aging loved one decides to age in place, creating a safe and comfortable home is essential. As seniors age, their mobility decreases, and there is a higher risk of falling. The home must have home aging in place modifications to help prevent injuries. Here is a list of six simple yet effective home modifications.

Installing Grab Bars or Hand Rails

Installing grab bars or railings in high-risk slippery areas, like the bathroom, can provide better support. Grab bars are typically installed near the shower or tub area and near the toilet. However, grab bars or railings can also be installed along hallways and staircases. These home modifications can give seniors more support maneuvering around the home.  

Add Slip Resistant Mats to Tubs and Floors 

In addition to grab bars, adding slip resistant mats or even slip resistant stickers, depending on mobility, to tubs and bathroom floors can help prevent falling. This can be the simplest yet also efficient way to prevent falling.

Quick Tub Conversion Kits 

The quick tub conversion kit supplies you with everything you need to turn your existing bathtub into a step-in shower while still maintaining a fully functional bathtub. Stepping in and out of the bathtub can be a slip hazard for older adults.  

Threshold Ramps

A threshold ramp is a simple and safe way to help wheelchairs or other mobility devices to cross over rough surfaces. The slightly-inclined platforms makes it easy to cross over raised landings, doorways, or curbs.

Replace the Hardware on Door Handles and Cabinets  

Replacing round doorknobs with lever-style handles can help people with arthritis or grip issues easily open doors. Likewise, swapping out round kitchen cabinet doorknobs with lever-style handles or bar handles makes accessing kitchen items a breeze. Small knobs, like those commonly found on kitchen cabinets, can be hard to grasp for people that struggle with dexterity.  

Add More Light Fixtures 

There are many ways to bring more light into the home. You can put nightlights in the hallway, tap-lights under cabinets, or lamps on tables. This will aid your loved ones in seeing where they are going, which can help prevent any trips or falls. 

At Next Day Access, we offer solutions for home modifications. Our goal is to provide various solutions to help prepare a home for aging in place. Some of the additional services we provide include product installation services (for big or small jobs), in-home safety consultations, rental, and rent-to-own programs for non-custom products, as well as financing options. If you or a loved one is in need of our services or products, contact us today.