Nearly 20% of all people in the United States are living with a disability. However, this shouldn’t keep you or anyone else from living their best life. Adaptations have been made for nearly everything you can think of: walking, bathing, driving, and even sports. Now that the warmer weather is finally here, we at Next Day Access want to encourage you to get out and get in the game!


Adaptive golf is a great way to get outside and get moving. Even for those with extremely limited mobility, adaptive carts can help you enjoy the game. Not only do they stabilize your body, but they can help you stand and twist to hit your next great shot.

Horseback Riding

There have been huge strides in equine therapy in the last few years. From helping your physical well-being to improving your mental well-being, horseback therapy can do wonders for your overall health. There are different adaptive accessories that can help people of varying degrees of mobility ride without issue. If you are interested in equine therapy, find a local center near you here.


Tennis is a great sport to try if you have accessibility needs. This sport can be played with various adaptive equipment including a wheelchair. There are even rule modifications based on different accessibility needs. With over 250,000 courts across the US, there is no reason not to get out and play!


There is nothing quite like sinking a great basketball shot right through the net. The good news is, you can make the perfect basket even if you have mobility limitations! Wheelchair basketball is a rapidly growing sport. With just a few rule changes, you can easily play a one-on-one game or call a few more friends and play as a team!

There is no reason to let a disability or mobility limitation hold you back from getting outdoors and getting in the game. From riding horseback to hitting the links, the sky’s the limit with sports adaptations. Next Day Access wants to help make sure you can easily get to your next event. Be sure to visit our page for all of the accessories you need to make your next outing a slam dunk.