Whether you have a hard time walking or utilize a wheelchair, there are plenty of accessibility products available to help you gain some independence back. Next Day Access works hard to provide its customers with a combination of the best customer service and the best products in the industry. Here are a few things we offer so you can find the best fit for you and your home.

Beyond Wheelchairs for Accessibility

For people who mainly or exclusively use a wheelchair to get around, we have a wide variety of options to make sure you can get the most out of your home. One option is a stair lift. There is no need to be confined to just one level of your home. With different models and styles, there’s a stair lift for every home. Even more than mobility within your home is the option to easily get outside of your home as well. Uneven surfaces and stairs can often make this difficult. A wheelchair ramp, whether permanent or temporary, can be the answer to this problem. Easily customizable, our ramps meet the very specific needs of each of our customers.

Improving Mobility For Everyone

For those who are able to walk but still utilize a device to aid them, or for those who simply have a hard time getting around, Next Day Access has the solution. Whether it’s safe and easy access over a threshold or the ability to quickly and easily move around outdoors, there are plenty of products to make your life a breeze.

Often times, doorways can have uneven surfaces. Threshold ramps are a quick and easy solution. They offer a safer incline as well as a special non-skid technology that prevents injuries from slips and falls. If you need a little bit more assistance for long strolls, vacations tours, or simply some extra help navigating public places, a mobility scooter may be a great option for you. With the safety, innovation and functionality you expect from Next Day Access, our scooters are virtually maintenance free and reliable.

Find The Right Accessibility Solution for You

Regardless of having some ability to walk or if you are confined to wheelchair, Next Day Access has the right accessibility product for you and your home.