Next Day Access offers several accessibility products that provide the required tools for both residential homes and commercial buildings. Our installation process is fast and painless, and we offer financing options to assist with purchasing necessary equipment.

Residential Accessibility Products

Ramps, Lifts, and Bathroom Accessibility Products

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Wheelchair ramps are one of the more common accessibility and mobility solutions for homes. They allow for safe, independent, and easy access for entering and exiting the front door, backyard door, garage, or throughout the house and are ADA compliant. Whatever type of residential ramp you choose, wherever you may need one on your stairs, and whether you have chosen to rent or purchase, Next Day Access will work to make the installation fast, safe, and pleasant.

We have custom curved and straight stair lifts to meet your needs, including Handicare, Harmar, and Bruno. Stair lifts allow you to move confidently and safely from level to level, all while staying independent.

Vertical Platform Lifts (VPL), also known as porch lifts or patient lifts, can be an excellent solution for your commercial accessibility needs. VPLs assist patrons using wheelchairs, powerchairs, scooters, or another mobility device go up a stairway with ease.

Next Day Access has many options available to provide access to your pool or spa. Our pool lifts are economical and ADA-compliant, featuring a 350-pound-lifting capacity and a sleek, low-profile design.

Next Day Access offers the top bathroom products on the market, including portable showers and products from Bio Bidet. Bio Bidet is known for having the best toilets and toilet seats for all homes. The cleansing method utilizing a stream of water is what sets them apart from the rest of the competition.

Being such a small addition, our grab bars can provide a significant amount of safety for bathroom accessibility! This offers a much safer approach to accessing your shower or toilet and can be installed by our professionals in just a matter of hours. Our grab rails are primarily used as toilet safety rails and shower rails, which be installed in almost any home bathroom.

Commercial Ramps

Accessibililty Products commercial wheelchair ramp

Next Day Access provides commercial entities such as schools, hospitals, and governmental buildings with the most complete line of modular wheelchair ramps available. We are proud to partner with nursing homes, hospitals, physical therapy centers, long-term care facilities, and more to provide accessibility solutions for patrons and residents for fall prevention and ease.